Am i the only one who loves being in psych hospital

i just like the therapeutic atmosphere.


I liked the hospital, met some nice people there and food was good


i liked my first stay the most. could workout and play basketball, food was good, and had a big floor to walk around in. didn’t see much of the doctors, they always had a community meeting each night where everybody on the floor would talk. i remember one night they asked, “where would you like to travel to” i said new zealand but have since changed my mind and want to visit amsterdam in the summer. i had a roommate i remember but he was in his 50’s and chill, he watched basketball every night on the television so we got along as i also like basketball. that’s when i decided to become vegan for a few years. and we had big windows where you could absorb the sun, but we weren’t allowed to go outside, most days i sat in the window all day.

i don’t particular care for my local hospital though, the food is better there, but not much to do, and someone is always watching daytime televisioin while im there. which drives me crazy. they have one stationary bike you can ride for exercise and that’s it. most people don’t stay long also, i think i would like to experience a year in a hospital to refocus myself and maybe appreciate my freedom more, but other than that i have no reason to admit myself, and someone else probably needs the bed worse.

I’m glad i was in there in October, i really needed somewhere to go that was safe to help me back on the path, meals were good too, some of the nurses were arseholes though :frowning: most of the patients were ok apart from one or two.

I couldnt have coped without it.

I didn’t mind being in the psych ward as I was homeless at the time.

i like one hospital it had good food, i got fat though but man their food was good.

I like being there too. I feel less isolated

I don’t like the hospital because they staff is mean, speaks condescending and they don’t care about patients at all. I’ve been to all the hospital psych wards in my area, and none were good

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I did not enjoy the 2 stays at the last hospital.
The staff were mean spirited.

There were a few good apples there but for the most part it was a horrible place.

They made sure that you were sleep deprived.

Staff members barging in to your room multiple times a night.

Using flashlights.

I fainted twice, and was sent to the ER from there.

The hospital I was in was straight out of One Flew Over a Cuckoo’s Nest. It was old and took 30 minutes for the water to heat up for a shower and the water was luke warm.

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Well, every time I used to go in was because I was having an acute crisis. Going into the hospital didn’t mean my crisis disappear. So even though they drugged me up, whatever I went in for was still there. Actually, in a lot of my hospitalizations, as soon as I got in I felt worse. My state of mind was at the breaking point when I went in.

I would have to say that there was a few positive things that happen inside some hospitals but I couldn’t really enjoy them too much. For example when I was in Stanford hospital a counselor took a few of us across the street to the mall and treated us to coffee at a little shop. It was nice but I was still suffering. It was fun shooting pool or playing ping-pong but when the game was over I still felt bad.

To sum it up, if I did not have any mental illness and someone put me in the hospital it would seem like a vacation. But unfortunately, I have an illness and I hated 95% of my stays in hospital.

I remember I fancied this guy there at the start and he had the best laugh. Then, he lost his temper with one of the nurses so they had to transfer him to another ward.

I remember second time in there, someone tried to set alight the bin and I really liked this female patient on the ward too she was so wild in a good way.

I would rather be in a psych ward than on the streets or in jail, however I would say it’s not fun

I don’t like being around strangers in person so I didn’t like any of my four stays back in 2013.

In the early 2000’s I would have agreed.

Now it’s basically like prison.

IDK, maybe the doctors and nurses like it too.

Depends so much. I’ve made at least one friend I’ve kept up with from every single visit (so that’s a lot of new friends :laughing:). Really…all my friends are made that way…

I hate the first 1-3 days at all hospitals but one. (A patient welcomed me right away and helped me know what was going on.) It usually takes that long for me to figure out what’s what. (Longer when I come in during the height of psychosis, but I’ve usually gone in for suicidal ideation or attempts.)

The food varies from hospital to hospital, but none have been just awful. I can also usually tolerate a lot: thin mattresses on sheets of plywood, no warm water, no water (so can’t flush, happened during an extreme weather event once), no power for days (same weather event), and cold turkey off meds for days or weeks while contacting doctors and ordering them for me/understanding a weirder med I take,

It’s better than jail or the streets, but I hear they’re way different since I was last in one in 2000. You could smoke then, which I hear has fallen by the wayside. I’m no longer a smoker but I was then, and it gave me a bit of sanity. Now they take your phone, and put you in paper clothes. It’s less free but not barbaric like the ones of long ago.

I forgot I had more to say: overall, I don’t like them because I miss my family (married with kids/teens). There are many aspects that aren’t the worst though…the height of which is the other patients.

I liked the private hospital I stayed at a couple of times but I would get homesick towards the end of my stay