Anyone here on respiridal?

How much do you take and how do you find it?

I no longer take it. Not good for me

I’m on Risperdal 4mg along with the Invega Sustenna injection. Seems like a good fit for me.

I used to take it and didn’t notice anything about it

I’m currently on 100mg of paliperidone per month or 3.3mg per day. I would like 1 mg tablets of risperidone but depends if my pdoc is gonna be a ■■■■■ about medication changing. I was on risperidone for a month when I was in hospital also.

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I’m on 37.5 mg of Risperdal injections every two weeks along with 200 mg of Seroquel and 240 mg of Geodon every day. This combo works great for me.

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I used to be on a low dose, and I found it very effective, even after the first time taking it. It did cause some depression and flatness, but it was overall pretty helpful.

I take 4mg, wwwwwwwww

I find risperidone to be very effective against positive symptoms like delusions and hallucinations but not so much effective for negative symptoms.

My negatives are pretty intense.

I am currently on 3mg of risperidone a day.

I take 2mg prn with Invega 234 every 3 weeks.

I take 5mg of Risperidone daily. It seems about the same as the Zyprexa I used to take, though I have lost some weight and my blood sugar isn’t as high. I developed diabetes while taking Zyprexa.