Anyone heard of 'jumpers' before?

I’m not saying I’m one, but I heard the term before especially on the weird side of youtube: basically, people that sleep and dream and enter and live in other realities. There’s probably other terms for it. I think I’ve done it. Like can’t tell if it’s real or not or prove it 100%, but after I die, I do live on in another reality just like this one. This reality could be the one I entered into in at 2011/2013 via mind travel after I died in the supposed future, where I looped back in time.

Not sure why I’m sharing this, but I wanted to know if anyone here or any schizophrenics, think they’ve actually went to physical realities before and remember them just like it was real and is real. Not saying hallucinations or delusions or perceptual problems, but actual legit reincarnation.

I think it’s pointless, useless, and senseless and purposeless to try and prove the technology behind it or talk about it or try to figure it out.

I just wanted to know if anyone else can jump into alternative, other, or different, or even the same realities like I can? I seem to loop back in time, but not always I assume. I’ve been to the future and back and ■■■■■■ up and strange realities just as real or more ■■■■■■ up and real than this supposed one. It scares me because I know it’s just me resetting and rebooting and crap like a video game.

I cannot teleport or anything but I have thought about the possibility of clones running around or doppelgangers being used against my will. Really sci-fi and out there stuff.

I think my mind was uploaded and digitized just like michio kaku said will happen in the future. I believe him and consider him like Einstein.

Like I said, I cannot and do not teleport, but I think teleporation is definitely possible in the future and even felt like I’ve seen people teleport in parallel universes.

This movie seems pretty cool, rad, and chill lol.

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I am absolutely with you on this, especially lately. I bounce between a handful of ideas, like the simulation theory (maybe my whole life has been one, maybe it just now started and isn’t taking properly, etc), reincarnation (maybe I’m not SZA, maybe I’m just remembering several past lives), and more recently I’ve been hooked on the idea that our souls (or energy or whatever you feel comfortable saying) have lived THIS life many many times and have simply made different choices, creating several timelines or alternate planes of existence right next to ours. We’re all susceptible to others’ energies, maybe some people are susceptible to other things?

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The point of the UB section is to seek help overcoming unusual beliefs, not to encourage them. I will say that the idea of jumpers was taken from a mildly popular 80s sci fi show, and did not exist before that.

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