Body Issues and Looking Ugly!

Nobody told me what to expect whilst taking an antipsychotic. I have been taking them twenty years and my skin is covered in stretch marks and I look a mess. I am also out of shape. This is despite taking every day 10g Omega 3, 1000mg vitamin C, a B-complex, walking and keeping mostly to a healthy diet. I think I have bad skin anyway, I have had a baby and I am a UK size 14-16 but thank goodness for baggy clothing! Does anyone know what I can do to hide my scars aside from covering them?!

I heard from others that stretch marks disappear when you replace them with muscle



Ugly Is Jus A Word. It Doesn’t Exist For People Who Live Peacefully Holding Care.

You Are Not “ugly”. You Are Confused. . .

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.


Try doing cardio that’s tougher than walking, like using an elliptical or recumbent bike. Also try counting calories. Since May, I’ve lost 81 pounds by eating a 1200 calorie diet and exercising (jogging, elliptical, bike…)


I’ve had quite a few people call me ugly to my face. Always men. And always when they think I either don’t understand them or can’t hear them or they conceal it as a joke. A man whispered to me that I was ugly just yesterday thinking I couldn’t hear him.

All this does is serve to confuse me after spending a youth of people telling me I was “hot”, and spending a maturity of listening to women telling me I am “beautiful”. I am truly bewildered now.

I tend to believe the men deep down because I tend to most admire the same kinds of women they do. But I choose to believe the lesbian women because their opinions are the only ones that matter.


i don’t think people can know if you are ugly if they don’t know you yet cause the way they see you can change drastically when they know more about you… so i wouldn’t trust the people calling you ugly…

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I’ve got body issues like you wouldn’t believe.

I won’t even get into them because they’d take up the whole thread.

One thing that’s helped me with my self esteem was positive self affirmations,

In the morning and evening,

In the mirror.

It really made a difference in how I felt about myself,

I hope you’ll try and get the same result.


Screw those people who said you’re ugly. This girl has a different attitude

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What genuinely helps me is raising farm animals such as pigs. They don’t care if they’re fat and they don’t care if they’re ugly. I’m not joking


I agree that animals can make us feel better about ourselves.

My dogs do.

They depend on me and love me unconditionally.


I have issues and dissatisfaction with the way I look too, even though I’m a man, it can and does get you down.

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You got that right for sure. I don’t think a dog has ever said “Oh that human’s ugly. Let me keep my distance!” Animals love those who love them


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