I dont have schizophrenia

Hi saw my psychiatric nurse today and asked her if I’ve schizophrenia. She said if I did my pdoc would have diagnosed me and she hasn’t so I dont have schizophrenia.

Yet I think I do someday and I mostly think I’ve MS. I dont know why I think like this, except that i have health anxiety and somataform disorder depression and anxiety. I definitely think my symptoms are part neurological because of my physical symptoms. But nurse said today that I can have these symptoms too with a psychiatric illness such as somataform disorder. I’m also delusional as well.

I’ve zero energy and zero motivation. Groggy and woozy with achy head. I dont know if I’ll ever be the same again.
Maybe my upcoming brain scan will clear things up for me, but even then I am fixated on MS nurse said today. Since 2014, I think I have MS.

How do I get rid of these thoughts, I dont know. Its trial and error with my meds. I am struggling with my illness but am hopeful things will change. I hope so.

I can see your pushing for certain diagnoses.
You might want to tell the doctor your symptoms and have him or her diagnose you; instead of you diagnosing yourself.

Then they can put you on the medication for that diagnosis or treat your symptoms.

Maybe the scan will help find out anything neurological.

I hope you stay strong until things get better.


Yes, I am pushing you’re right, that’s why I ended up being seen and treated by psychiatrists. I have to trust what docs say, but it’s very deflating when none of the meds I am taking are helping me, especially when I am taking so many! Two years have gone by and if anything the meds are making me worse!

I dont know how to trust, that’s my problem as well. Even nurse said today, I have to trust. Hopefully this scan will clear some questions I have, but none of the other scans did, I’m still left with all the questions. Maybe I’ve lost it! Totally lost it.

Thanks for your good wishes.

I don’t see it as a problem.
I see your very motivated when it comes to your mental health care.

You could always get a second opinion.

Hopefully the scan helps answer your questions.

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