Anyone have experience of malaise - a general sense of ill health

My depot is known to cause quite bad malaise I constantly live in a false state of self perceived ill health.

It is pretty shitty because since these phantom illnesses come and go quickly you end up as the boy who cried wolf.

If you asked my 12 hours ago, when I was feeling good, I would 100% oppose changing meds.

Right now I am not nearly as sure

It certainly isn’t the sort of condition that is cured with more meds.

Less meds would be the likely treatment but do I take that risk. People say ‘oh you should reduce the med - you can increase it later if needed’

Despite my fluctuating faux maladies I am certain about one thing: messing with my depot is a big risk

But maybe I should live by the sentiment that you have to speculate to accumulate.

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I feel I have illness sometimes, I thought I had lung cancer because I had a period where I smoked a lot. Another time I thought I had Huntington’s disease and another time I thought I had a stroke and just didn’t know it. I hope i’m not hypochondriac or something.


Hey, I get it, its hard to know what is what sometimes, is it the med or is it this or that,

we were talking about brain cancer recently and today i had a headache and the first thing i thought was that, its really stupid but these are genuine worries bc we dont know what the reason is sometimes so we make assumptions.

not sure if this is relevant to what you are saying though,

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Maybe just a med change would help. I take the haldol shot and I don’t get malaise.

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I’m admittedly not doing great. The Rona knocked me sideways and I have been struggling to get back to where I was, which was no screamin’ heck if we’re being honest.

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