Anyone got prescribed abilify and got psychosis from it

I was getting 4 hours of sleep a night, horrible insomnia, which triggered more symptoms in me.

It wasn’t the drug for me

Abilify didn’t Do much for me other than trigger TD symptoms and make me anxious. Not a huge fan of it.

Did you ever quit risperdal

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I developed side effects from Abilify but not psychosis. Serious effects like gambling issues, hypersexuality, drug use and compulsive shopping. I lost all my money and was in debt because of it. I am on Latuda 80mg now and its the best AP of all that I tried. Risperdone gave me tics like in the eye. Zyprexa made me sleep all day, gain lots of weight and increased my appetite a lot.

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Peoples brains are so different and unique im sure any substance could have a purely unique and bizarre response.

So yes.

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It’s doing the same to me. I cant think straight

It made me binge eat and purge.

I’ve been on it almost continuously ever since 1996. Some form of it or other. Ever since it came out in 1996.