Anyone had ect?

Hey guys, as above, did it help you?

ECT is kind of freaky to me.

I mean, they’re basically inducing seizures to trip the brain… Sounds like some Josef Mengele shiit, to be frank.

From all the accounts I’ve heard, there’s about 30% positive results, and the rest is just memory loss.

…I dunno if it’s worth it.

Just my two cents, but if anybody here’s had ECT and if it’s benefitted them, then I’m sincerely happy for their positive outcome.

I saw a very positive outcome from ect. The guy was severely depressed. He’d tried to commit suicide. You wouldn’t suspect that he had been suicidal from watching him after the ect. He was very sociable and outgoing, and very cheerful. It was like a 180 degree turn.

I’ve had around 36 treatments over a span of 4 years, I don’t recommend them because I had some pretty severe side effects from them. I couldn’t remember anything especially short term, I had a mini stroke, I had trouble walking and had a increase in my schizophrenia symptoms. Yeah I don’t recommend them. Peace.


Hi, I’m new to this forum. (recently diagnosed sz)

I recently received 20 rounds of ECT. It has caused short term memory issues. I was extremely hesitant to accept the treatment. I mean what could be scarier that a bunch of white coats electrocuting your head every other day.

It helped a lot with negative symptoms, which was what I was dealing with heavily at the time. I’ve been released from the hospital and I feel a bit more like the person I felt I once was. I was in complete denial of my diagnosis (even though I began to suspect what was happening after about a year and a half of pure hell, which was when hallucinations really began to show up)

I do think that ECT’s “effectiveness” is overstated, and the risks understated. Every time I mentioned that my memory was being affected, the nurses just repeated the same mantra about how it will “wear off soon”. What about the people who it didn’t wear off? It can help but it should be a last resort and I don’t really see why the psychiatric community is so obsessed with this treatment, although I’m no doctor or know anything about medicine, so that is simply my opinion.

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