Anyone find conspiracies/mysteries interesting or do you research about them?

I watched the zeitgeist movie when I was 16 and got hooked. Anyone else?

Stay away from the rabbit hole


I was into the Illuminati stuff. I belived strongly in it.

When I am sick I start researching, I feel a need to do it. I feel I must be informed about it. But I agree with @cactustomato stay away from the rabbit hole.

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if two hot elamets make a cold, do you call it hot fution ?

I Always Thot The Illuminati Stuff Was Fun To Check Out ,

I Love Music So When Whatever It Is I Watched , Talked About Music and Illuminati I Was Happi …

yeah, i often put some radio-show or conspiracy video on, while lying in bed, some of the stuff is rather good…have a tendency to forget most of it the day after though, but I’m not really “researching” the stuff so…no love lost.

The Joe Rogan experience is pretty good, it’s not a conspiracy show per se, but they touch on topics that you wouldn’t find out about if you didn’t go looking.

I know what you mean about not remembering things, I try to remember the good tid bits

In my more hypomanic states, I am admittedly (but no longer shamefully) drawn to the hypothesis that society is one giant, pyramid-shaped stack of people as bricks. The people at the lower levels are more belief-bound and mystified / unconscious / unaware. The people at the higher levels are more conscious, aware and cynical.

The people at the top use the people toward the middle (who want to get closer to the top) to keep the people toward the bottom belief-bound, mystified and unconscious. These “agents” of the people at the top use all manner of “mediums” to accomplish that, including television, radio, the Internet, the church, the school, the fraternity, the sorority, the sports team, the job and what have you to install and maintain the beliefs.

But the people at the top also allow a few people (mostly the ones in the middle) to climb up the bricks toward semi-enlightenment by getting more “education,” which is actually a combination of edification here and further narrowing of consciousness there. (Get a masters or a doctorate to see what I mean.)

The object of allowing people to become more semi-enlightened is to use them to be more productive with respect to 1) getting the people further down the stacks of bricks to consume what is produced, as well as 2) produce what is consumed, and 3) defend the profits that result for the people towards the top of the pyramid.

The whole Illuminati zeitgeist was heading in this direction, but it looks to me like the people towards the top of the pyramid headed 'em off at the pass and steered it into wholesale misinformation.

My mind (such as it is) tells me this is all true because it spent the first 30 years of earning a paycheck cranking out misinformation for those who paid it to do so. And it made me plain crazy… until I started digging through Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Tart, Arthur Deikman, C. Wright Mills, Stewart Ewen, Sigmund Freud, Thorstein Veblen, Max Weber, George Gurdjieff, Jiddu Krishnamurti, et al.

I don’t find them interesting… I find them engulfing and consuming. Stuff like this will swallow me whole. I try not to let it… but it really upsets me for a long time.

My brain weaves these together and I can’t get free… I get more paranoid and nervous about every little thing. I can’t do it. Something led me to the heightened paranoia about kidnappers… and I’ve been fighting that most my life… and it won’t let go.

I stay away. When my mind is calm… I don’t want to agitate myself. When I’m agitated… I can’t just let stuff like that go… Then it’s harder for me not to act on it.

I have a hard time to read about stuff like that. Or see movies. It’s very triggering for me.

I lived in my own personal one for many years. Glad to be rid of it. No interest in revisiting the topic.

Also: So THANKFUL for meds.


And do you think its still heading that way? I’m unsure if anything is going to change, can a speech be too good or am I just feeling helpless anymore? I have a lot of faith in people, but there’s a such thing as false belief. Like Obama made a lot of mistakes. He went after Snowden who basically exposed him, and then went after Assange before him, then we lost our right to protest, they added body scanners into airports, and weird television bs, oh yeah tv isn’t even free anymore, we have drones so we don’t know about the possibility of secret wars, there were three terrorist attacks under Obama. Weed might be legal now, but that just sounded too good to me. And why would someone impose sanctions on North Korea, an already broken nation then we have some weird arm wrestle with Russia> so who does anyone really believe in anymore, ISIS went after Journalists and Christians, like everything I knew would happen did because they didn’t let me say anything and it will continue to happen to us so I have no idea how transparent this government ever ■■■■■■■ was anyways. Bush was bad enough. But Obama was like black Bush and now he wants to fix everything and say I’m sorry. Well no it doesn’t work that way we’re broken, my book on the New World Order was called THE NEW ■■■■■■■ FOUNDATION. And guess what, it ended bad. It was dystopian and ■■■■■■. How come I’m getting calls from police and suddenly somehow invovled in two murder trials in which I had nothing to do with, had to get a lawyer who my dad got me without asking, so I don’t even know if he represents mine or my father’s interests. OK I’m so pissed right now, there’s a million reasons not to trust the government and he gives a billion reasons to trust it. SO yeah, what’s YOUR answer to that question?

I always thought conspiracies/mysteries were generally harmless entertainment for the lower-middle classes.

I’m only interested in as much as they exhibit a particular way of reasoning. They typically posit some agent or group of agents to be responsible for a phenomenon that is perfectly explicable without such assumptions. I think it is a primitive form of thought that is also seen in ancient religion/psuedoscience. For instance: it rains + some agent must be causing the phenomenon -> there must be a god of rain. The second premiss is the interesting yet unwarrented one. I have fallen victim to this flawed reasoning when psychotic as well, positing agents of some kind to be responsible for the phenomena I was experiencing.

Hyperactive Agent-Detector Module in the Brain does it.

Are conspiracy theorists secretly plotting to take over the U.S. government?

watching this

good guys/guyettes bad guys/guyettes?

You asked, so here we go:

My answer – after years of digging around – was to turn (non-church / non-cult) Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi, Gurdjieffian, Krishnamurtian and otherwise “spiritual,” not “religious” or “political” or otherwise attached to the beliefs, ideals, assertions, convictions, conventions,rules or regulations of anyone else’s “system.” (I don’t buy any priest’s or guru’s “whole package.” I tree-top what works and discard what doesn’t.)

I had to learn to be…

  1. all by myself without the (supposed) support of common knowledge (though I have a number of pals who more or less see things similarly), and…

  2. choicelessly aware and continuously observant. (Which orients my mental processes toward empiricism – after Immanuel Kant – vs. pure reason, like, say, Rene Descartes.)

I use my mind rather than allowing all the old programming in my mind to use me. I observe to notice (see / hear / feel / perceive) to recognize to acknowledge to accept to own to appreciate to understand to digest to transcend the pyramid-programmed “rationales” between my ears and just see, hear and feel what is instead of what “they” tell me.

Now. It would be nice if everyone else did the same thing, of course. But having observed to understand The Way the World Works, I can let go of expecting or requiring that the rest of the world, or even my best friends, or you, or anyone else do so. Because that is the way it is. I don’t have to like – or dislike – the way it is. I just have to deal with it the best I can.

I find some mysteries interesting, but when I talk about them, I can’t get my words right and everyone thinks I’m a kook.

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