Any truth to those conspiracy theories?

Hello friends. I know I have claimed that hearing voices is a conspiracy government controlled at that and that the nsa is behind it yada yada yada but have you heard about it? To the administrators to do you think these conspiracies are real? It says on the news that mind reading technology isn’t up to par with what these conspiracies claim. So my question is, are these conspiracies of technological mind reading real? Thank you and I am here if anyone needs a friend. Hope you all are healthy and on medication like I am.

Are conspiracy theorists secretly plotting to take over the U.S. government?

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Hi @tenchu. I’m neither Admin or a Mod but I can say that many of us on the spectrum that have run across these conspiracies tend to get sucked into them. Given the nature of the illness, I believe, it can do nothing but create more paranoia and add to our delusional thinking.
I would abandon all research of them as I have seen some follow the rabbit into dark and dangerous places.
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The soon assassinated


Liked, but on a completely different level that what I gather the OP was geared towards. I may be wrong.
On a similar note, have you read 11/22/63 by Stephen King? AMAZING!!!
There is a mini-series being shot now to be aired on Hulu. James Franco is lead :expressionless: I hope it turns out good.
BTW @SoitGoes, I haven’t forgot about the tshirt. :wink:

No, not how modern pop culture views or frames such theories.

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Hah… I have. What shirt?

Some of the stuff is just to crazy for anyone to believe. There is this guy called David Icke, who believes that a master race of reptiles is inside world leaders. Other stuff, is more plausible, like freemason conspiracy theorists.

Does the freemasons control the government to some extent?

probably the bulk are bs, but I get sucked into some of them nonetheless.

Do cats race go karts? . There’s your answer :slight_smile:

My husband is a freemason. They are really good people. Do they control some things? Sure, just like any large organization, they help their own, but, they are also very good for communities. They run orphanages (very pleasant ones) and a lot of their branches do even greater things. The shriners are a branch of freemasonry as are the Scottish rite. Both are very big in most communities.


The Shriners here in our city give a lot of money to the children’s burn unit.

Plus … gotta love those little cars… :smile:


the fact the we alow rocket fuel to spray over the fields and people, my be a link to schizophrenia. government know and so dose nasa how ever freemason build many things.

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Freemasons are a men’s group now inclusive to women in some. I think they do stuff like gather funding for causes and charity. I know one of my uncles is one because I saw it on Facebook. Now cults are real but very discrete and hidden. The really bad ones are eventually exposed by victims of abuse. I’ve never actually witnessed a cult but I know they exist in the U.S. and some people get obsessed with them. For instance the Satanic and Scientologists. The satanic church asks for money to be a member and who knows what else, prob same with Scientologists who are batshit insane and think we all come from Mars and based their religion off a science fiction writer Ron Hubbard. I’ve also heard they often blackmail their disciples and go after celebrities in Hollywood I saw their building in LA. There are also a lot of racist cults in America I only realized by accident recently how prevalent this mixture is: God loving Christians who hate everyone but themselves and idk sometimes they are neo Nazi so like they probably hate Jews and Blacks?

I watched a documentary on terrorism it seems to me that the U.S. CIA was behind 911 and trained their suspects the clue was the terrorist suspect they kept talking about who recruited them went by SOA which the show said “soldier of alah” either that’s a coincidence or they worked for the school of the Americas / whinsec the very organization my mom was trying to fight and knew about before she went crazy in prison. So I’m almost 95 percent sure the U.S. CIA Bush etc knew of the plots ignored it or let it happen because he was allowed into the country as a “student” but they didn’t say where probably because he was at the school of assassins …

There’s a lot of truth to some conspiracies which will someday no longer be conspiracies but proven facts. The U.S. Failed at whatever their plot was. Why don’t these people just confess the truth already or well never know what really happened. Everyone knows 911 was an inside job we just don’t talk openly about it. But as far as mind control technology goes it is possible scientists are working on it and some does exist like HAARP in Alaska they send extremely low frequency waves into the atmosphere attempting probably to control weather and people. They claim its not unhealthy for us but it’s behind why a lot of people are mentally ill and also could be why some of us have tinnitus but idk. That could be stress but I find it odd that in 2005 more than average people were having breaks and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s when they turned it on at high blast. I can hear subliminal messages like real ones…sometimes they blast them in radio waves and I used to think they also blasted subliminal messages telling us to get fast food etc I wouldn’t be shocked if it was true seeing how everything else they said made me crazy came true…all of it including the satellite surveillance the electric cars the secret lobotomies all of it lol


Sorry for rambling the whole mind reading thing tho is very most definitely a symptom of psychosis. I don’t even know why I had to go into all those conspiracies lol as they are unrelated to what you’re saying.

I think it’s very rare and unlikely here or most places that any sort of mind reading device works like that. The furthest i know science has gone is to determine which areas of the brain light up concerning certain thoughts and would more likely be used to help people than hurt them also I doubt that could be used from afar because you have to be in an EEG type machine with electrodes in an advanced Japanese research facility and even then it’s not that advanced yet. Most technology has been lost over the ages.

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what the !.. :smiley:
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STOP TELEPATHY is in the works.

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Thanks guys interesting stuff!

This video gives an overview of masonic takeover in Washington D.C through architecture & urbanism.

When I first got psychosis, the voices made me believe they were government employees, like a secret department of the government that does mind control to people.

I believed the voices and listened to them, that was a big mistake. I did all kinds of crazy stuff just because the government voices told me to do it.

Eventually I learned that i was wrong and it was all a hallucination…

Now i’m doing a lot better, sometime days with almost no symptoms.