Anyone experience

Does anyone experience diarrhea or loose bowels due to their medication combinations? If so what do you do to counteract the symptoms?

I have the opposite problem - constipation from my med’s. I’ve found that if I eat a bowl of frozen vegetables every night it solves this problem. Something that might help with diarrhea is antacids. They make my constipation worse. Maybe they’ll help with your diarrhea.

I used to have chronic diarrhea from meds. Eating some bulk fiber should help.

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I blame my diet for the :poop::poop::poop: I eat a lot of fiber

I’ve heard blueberries are supposed to be good for stopping you up. Flax seed is good for the opposite. Just a spoonful of flaxseed with a glass of water will make you regular. Its better than laxatives because it doesn’t prevent your muscles from working. It also is healthy and a good source of omega 3s.