Anyone ever been dumped because you were too attractive?

no kidding, I got dumped one time, the girl said I was too attractive. she said she liked dating guys who were more on the ugly side. I didn’t really understand that. hell, I still don’t. must be some kind of complex.

2 years later I end up being her friend on facebook and notice that she was in a new relationship. yup, that guy is definitely ugly. made me laugh. she found what she was looking for I suppose.

after she dumped me and told me the reason, I was at the bar that night drinking my sorrows away. I actually liked her and was feeling down because of it. told the guy who was drinking next to me that I got dumped and why. we had a good laugh over it.

hah. that’s my life.


you should post a picture of yourself so we can judge how attractive you are. so we know what you are dealing wiht


I would but I like the anonymity I have on here.


I like attractive guys if they are really intellectual and funny. But as far as looks someones mind takes priority. Sorry you got dumped that sucks she was probably insecure .

Every time. I need to get surgery to make myself uglier. It’s the only way for me to be happy.


Answered! I have dumped a guy because he was too attractive. Sort of.

This guy I dated in school, he was super hot, athletic. I heard one of his friends ask about me, strangely. He played dumb, but I knew what the friend meant.

I consider myself an attractive woman, but I’m not, nor have ever been mainstream hot girl.

I dumped him because I was insecure about what other people thought. If they too questioned why he was with me.

Now I feel guiltily.

Poor guy. He was nice, super dumb, but nice.

And hot. Did I mention that?


I am a woman and I have had guys be abusive to me out of competitiveness and insecurity. The last guy this happened with, I was SO in love with and he was SO mean to me. It broke my heart. I couldn’t figure it out. I actually broke up with him but he acted like he hated me so he may as well have broken up with me. After we broke up, he had a moment of maturity and told he he had been insecure, jealous and competitive. He didn’t want to feel like he was ‘kissing my ass’ so he was mean instead. I appreciated his honesty, but it still hurt, looking back that someone could be so mean for ‘no reason’.
It happens. I have had it happen.

Never had that problem. I can just about scrape average looking on a good day.


People feel comfortable with someone there equal, she must not feel attractive. Also could be she doesn’t want someone that grabs every other girls eye. I wouldn’t like a wife so hot that I had to fight the guys off her. Kinda like that old shirt you sleep in, not the nicest but comfortable and no one is going to take it away from me.

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Lol, nope! Never happened to me…

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Man, I feel for you dude. That’s a bad break. Being good looking is tough. Guys like us have to stick together if you know what I mean, keep the homely out of our neighborhoods and our schools and not let ugly people who dump us make us feel bitter or unwanted. The world is cruel enough without being cursed with good looks. Damn, just reading this post makes the tears of empathy stream down my gorgeous, rugged, finely chiseled features. Don’t let the uglie’s win, they shouldn’t even be allowed on the streets, they should just stay in their houses and leave us poor attractive people alone.

Actually, I’m full of ■■■■. I’m not that good looking and that’s all satire.


“Anyone ever been dumped because you were too attractive?”

think that explains why I never had a girlfriend.

I know how you feel.

at least there was a happy ending, mate. enjoy those little things.
no matter what, try to enjoy life.


I think the world wants guys like us to be like those fancy old statues. Appreciated from afar :disappointed:

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Yeah like everyday. They said it was my elbows there too symmetrical


On a daily basis. :joy: :joy:


Some girls can get insecure if the guy is more attractive then them, the women is suppose to be the pretty one.

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I need the surgery too. where do you go?

I’ve dated a cute guy ( even though everyone around me thought he was ugly ) I was blind so he looked cute. Lol. So it’s all a matter of perception. But to answer your question I think I need to resort to dating ugly guys because the cute one I’ve dated have all been idiots.

lol… this is a thing that real people do… its like no one feels like they deserve anything… would you also return a television because the picture quality was too good… or burn a pair of shoes because you enjoy the style and they fit too well… people are weird…


I think this is becoming more of a problem in recent years in the dating scene. Case in point:

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