I'm an ugly woman but there are men out there who don't care

It’s comforting to know that not all men are so fixated on looks


I’ve seen your selfies and I think you are very pretty.


They are fake.

But thankyou for the compliment :heart_eyes:

Honestly I care about your hardworkingness and intelligence and kindness over looks any day, it’s what my mom taught me since young

You’re not ugly , please don’t put yourself down :disappointed:

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I don’t think that I am a beautiful woman.

I was so relieved when I realized that not everybody have to be beautiful or try to be beautiful. I have talent in other things. I’m artistic, I’m a good friend and kind to others. That’s enough. Media and the world keep on telling people that everybody has to be beautiful. It’s not true. I can be unattractive and it is very ok.


You’re not ugly. Speaking as a former pro photographer here. You’d be easy to photograph. Have more faith in yourself.


Mister and Misses Ugly. Every pot has a lid.

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What? You are the sunshine of this forum, hon… Try to get some confidence… But me i thought that i was ugly too, i bugged on that for years, i just lost time… The prettiest faces are those who are healthy, free of bad conscience, the happy ones :slight_smile: We should embrace our shapes lol, i am trying this :slight_smile: Even my current pdoc said, that i look prettier now compared to before, just cause i only try to be a better person lol :smiley: You have that already.
Plus you are skinny still darling :wink:
Oh, just know, that me too i was embarrassed by my labias lol, they are a bit bigger than the average lol… But a good bf will reassure us even on that, it seems that its even attractive for some :slight_smile: But yeah, i avoid even the gynecologist now still, i need to relax too…


I have been called ugly by a whole slew of shitty people but I do not care at this point.

I know who I am.

People can go ■■■■ themselves if they don’t like it.



I think most everyone cares about looks and also,

I feel like you’re just fishing for compliments.


I find i have a broad view of attractiveness. I find people attractive in a wide range of looks and body types.

I think any man would rather have a humble wife than one covered in the finest clothes. The vast majority actually. Only a fool would choose looks over personality. Also I think everyone is beautiful. Maybe your self esteem is not so high right now. Hope your doing well.

darn i thouhht you were beautiful.


ive never valued conventional looks though.

In a way being too pretty is ugly due to how unapproachable/ repulsive it is. I think you look fine and approachable

You’re very pretty.

I think that you know you are pretty @LittleMissSlothy

Maybe you are just seeking for some attention.

You are one of the most photogenic person I’ve seen.

No reason to go looking for compliments. You already know that you get a ton of compliments from the men here. I feel this is just your new attention seeking behavior since you’re not allowed to make “I’m leaving the forum” threads any longer.