Anyone else's family get mad at them for not spending time with them?

I just don’t feel comfortable being trapped in the room with them watching tv. I don’t really care for human interaction. I just want to play on my phone and Xbox when I get home from work. I don’t see why they see it as “family time” to watch tv in unison

I want to spend more time with my family but sometimes I get overwhelmed by it! They get more disappointed than anything though.

My family doesn’t really spend time together. I’d love it. Trying to change it with my kids. Be happy you have people who want to spend time with you.

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Yeah they have in the past. I’m kind of a social cactus, I don’t need much social interaction and when I get it I’m good for a while. I get so much social interaction at work when I get home I just can’t deal anymore by that point.

Somedays if im not doing well I can’t tolerate other people at all


I’m stealing that expression “social cactus.”


No, I never had that problem, quite the opposite I’m afraid.

I see my family once a year. That is enough for me.
I don’t know how they feel about it.

Tbh I don’t know. I do know I feel very awkward around most of them, as I do with most people, so I don’t really go looking for them.

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No. My family could care less if I spend time with them. The only times they want to see me is on Thanksgiving and Christmas and that is it. Really! They never come visit me ever.

My wife is upset with me each time I’m blunt about the fact that I’d rather slam my naughty bits in the car door than spend a holiday with her parents. Her father’s dementia is getting worse and he’s hard to be around. Reminds me too much of the looney loons in the psych ward now.

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