Anyone else smoke rollies to save money?

Now that i quit my work, i can not afford normal ciggies even though a pack here costs like 4€. I buy pouch of tobacco for like 7€ that lasts me like 5-6 days. Vaping is just not for me, i like to feel a throat hits. From 30grams pouch i get like 65 rollies

I dont like pouches too much, they get crummy in like couple days.

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Pouches in greek mean dicks


I guess in that case I don’t like either loll


They are not Rollies, but I have switched to the bag smokes. On the reserve, normal cigarettes are $46 a carton, and the bags are $15. Can’t argue with that

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You mean you have so called a “gun” to shoot up cigarettes?

My uncle in Canada does this. Seems like a sensible option.

As for the thread title - I definitely did this for a while. Once you start smoking a pack a day it becomes unaffordable.

I wish vaping was a thing when I smoked - I probably would still be doing it tbh.

Used too, but they to harsh, coughed a lot

Yeah I get sterling tobacco and it’s alright to be fair

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Yes I do.

I smoke 100g a week

Costs me £45 inc filters

The brand I smoke is Gold Leaf. I like it and it’s £3/4 cheaper than Golden V.

I originally turned to rollies for the money saving. But now I love rolling tobacco and hate real cigarettes. Honestly couldn’t smoke a real ciggie any more

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I use to use a cigarette machine with tubes and bought tobacco to save money. Got to be too much of a hassle.

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