I might have a smoke


That’s all I have been doing today. I feel a bit sick of it now to be honest!


Me too bud, I’m about to go outside to have a good smoke.


I smoke hand made rollies there much stronger than normal cigs


I do as well. They tax normal cigarettes so much in the UK. I smoke so much I wouldn’t be able to afford it


My ex husband used to sell these flavored cigar things that you’re supposed to put your tobacco/weed in. That’s when he worked at a gas station. They came two in a pack


same here in Ireland its nearly 20 euro for hand roll tobacco 30gram of amber leaf is 17 euro

bleeding rip off


are cigs expensive in the states/?


Smoke is spiritual and has spirit be reverential


I think they’re like 5 bucks a pack but I don’t smoke. I think they added more taxes to smokes here


My aunt bought me 50g packs for 6 euro in Tenerife - couldn’t believe how cheap it was out there


we get tax rip off here


Money flows to me when I smoke becouse I use my money for pleasures with love


yes spain is great for tobacco prices they seem to be fair


A pack of Marlboro red 100s (what I smoke) costs over $10 in Massachusetts.


One pachet of Kent 8 short is 4 dollars

But the minimum wage is 400 dollars after taxes.


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