The cost of ciggs went up to day

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Try ecigs. They’re 10% the cost of real cigarettes. It took me a year to give up real cigarettes though while using an ecig.

Cigarettes here in the UK cost £7 to £10 a pack. That’s like 10 to 15 USD. Good job I prefer electronic cigarettes now :grinning:

How about fags (rolled cigarettes)?

I buy native smokes here in Canada. I get 200 cigs for 15 bucks off of a guy I know in the industry.

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Never bought rolling tobacco much but last time I bought a 50 gram pouch of Amber leaf it was £18 ( like 25 USD ).

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That is a solid bargain Patrick. As for seriouslydisturbed, it is a shame amber leaf is difficult to find in this area. Definitely a good smoke.

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Same here, but 10$ at the reserve. More importantly, they taste better to me than store brands, which I find too strong.

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I was a heavy smoker. By he Grace of God, I got free of nicotine. Presently, I haven’t smoked in greater than one year!

I have saved a lot of money!