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Hello fellow chainsmokers, how many in a row you smoke? What cigarettes do you like?

i smoke rollies for full blast of nicoteen

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Same here, I was on heated tobacco fow awhile, switched back to rollies. Heets too expensive imo, I was smoking like 4 packets a day and its like 16€


Cool…I smoke about 45 rollies a day…i enjoy it very muc…it can be a stress decreaser

Yeah I smoke around 30 at least myself a day myself, 30g pouch lasts max 4 days. I tend to smoke a lot when I wake up cause I have morning anxiety

i read nictoten is brillant for te brain, like a calmer in a sense…tobacco is very exprensive ere in ireland, all tax money imo

I get 40grams pouch for 9€ here in Lithuania

my anxiety was from te feelins i felt wen psycotic, am kind of urt from it…but am on te mend

40grams ere is 30 euro…we are ripped off…wit prices of stuff

Well minimum wage in lithuania is like 4,50€ an hour, tobacco price ratio is still better at us tho

minimum wage in ireland is 11 euro, an our i need to start earnin money,

i et 200 euro a week of te state

I get 200€ a month from state lol, lucky you!

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free meds also, and free travel pass, am very lucky

I just get free AP, for AD i need to pay full price which comes 40€ a month

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we deserve extra because of our illness imo

I chainvape 40mg nicotine salts.

We do we do 151515

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Pall Mall, but usually Eagles reds, cuz they’re cheaper.

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I also have a vape, dont use it much SMOK NORD 4

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Pall Mall is really nice with hard filters