Anyone else really annoyed by tv?

They say it’s supposed to be entertaining, but I can’t stand anything that’s on there. I can’t even stand to listen to it. There is one on almost every night in my house and sound travels pretty easily here. If I don’t leave the door open so I can hear it full volume then my mind starts to contort the sound and I hear ■■■■. I can’t win in this situation.

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The sitcoms annoy me. There are a few channels and programs I like though - the military channel, and Law and Order, sometimes spike.

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I used to be so affected by the T.V. I completely got rid of it. I can watch the few shows I like on-line and commercial free…

I can watch DVD’s on the computer as well.

The loud volume spikes of commercials… the sudden flash movement… the gore… the anger… it’s all to much. Our house feels much more serene with out a T.V.

What annoys me most during commercials is the mind-twisting music they play behind the pitch in order to manipulate your reactions to what they’re saying.

And even sound tracks to TV shows/movies are blatantly manipulative and so much like propaganda that they seem evil to me sometimes.

I generally keep the TV off, but sometimes watch a game show or sitcom with my wife.


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Have you ever stopped to tune in on the sound effects that go along with the music?

There is definitely a lot of garbage and waste on TV - I have been watching less CNN -
I do however like Netflix, and watch what I want, when I want to.

We are thinking about eliminating a lot of shows on cable - probably going to downgrade our plan.
I don’t watch a whole lot of TV - but I do keep track of what is going on in the world, so I do watch CNN from time to time

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I don’t own a telly. SO that means yes, I am annoyed by televisions.

■■■■ televisions. I think I should buy one when I am done with school (in six years) and then throw eggs at it, smash it with a mallet and film the whole ordeal for youtube. I will finish the ordeal by running my finger along it, smashed and covered in eggs, and say “Shhhhhh…”

That is what I think of TV.


I just watch like Netflix. never take on any ads except with the youtube…

Seems to be just repeats of repeats of repeats since they went to digital. My TV’s seems broken atm and hardly miss it.


I actually watch (dr who) with my gf from time to time and (American horror story freakshow) lately. They’re both okay shows.

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I haven’t been playing ANY video games lately, how about you guys?

LOL I’m still playing Oblivion. Seems everytime I play it, I still find something new. Plus playing on a pc I can use the mods which changes a bit of the game. I’m having fun with basic needs atm so have to eat sleep and drink constantly.


I have rabbit ears that pretty much just pick up PBS. Even so, if there’s a show on there i’m not interested in - having the TV on feels like an intrusion.

No video games for me currently. I did by oblivion on steam it was only 8$. I dont know if I could go back to that leveling and combat system. They pretty much overhaul it every time, making the older games feel really incomplete. Really played that game to completion, got every achievement on 360 aside from one of the dukes of mania or dementia. If I had thought it through I would have saved right before that point so I could easily unlock both. Oh well. Great game especially the shivering isles.

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I threw my television sets out the windows way back when.

Nothing but noise and bs.

I find CNN kinda annoying because its usually just depressing…I dont know why I always have it on it’s just a habit I guess.

I do enjoy documentary stuff though History channel ,discovery etc. I like the crime documentary.

Law and Order is way cool I usually watch like 3-4 hours a night even if its just background.

Haven’t played console or pc games in awhile I lost the power block for my 360 during the move, but im cureently playing sniper 3D on a tablet dude its so cool with the gyroscope it kinda seems real, ive also started playing card and board games on Android pretty cool time killer.

I was playing spider solitaire for a couple weeks but that’s gotten pretty boring. Before that it was sudoku and before that it was risk.