Anyone else play RPG's

I have a lot of trouble reading. Lately I have managed to get back into some RPG games I really enjoy(d) but had to quit a few years back because someone destroyed my console at a place i was living at for people with MI

Anyway I enjoy skyrim oblivion fallout games. I have played WoW in the passed but feel it relies too heavily on others and can’t just save and quit anytime

I think getting into skyrim is improving my concentration. I also love to immerse myself into the world.

Anyone else?

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i love rpgs. fallout is one of my favorites. anything bethesda is great. i can’t wait for fallout 4. i also really want to get into FF14 but can’t afford it right now =/

I love RPGs and I love Skyrim. Playing Elder Scrolls Online now and Cities: Skylines. I also periodically play Diablo 3 ROS and sometimes single player RPGs like Terraria, Elder Scrolls series, Might and Magic series, etc. Want to buy Dark Souls and maybe Witcher as they look fun.

Have played a lot of MMOs. ESO, LOTRO, GW2, WoW, Runescape, Tibia, Diablo 2 & 3, Ryzom, Minecraft, PoE, DDO and some others.

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Anyone else?
[/quote]Schizophrenia took away my love of gaming. My brain prevents it from happening, it’s in a constant attitude about it. But, prior to SZ I was really big into Final Fantasy. FF7 & FF8 memories can never be deleted in me, for whatever reason. Those were good times as a kid.

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Fallout is awesome I tend to play action RPGs like demon souls/dark souls my fav

People rate the mass effect series highly

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Everquest 2 is free now

I was thinking of making a character and playing… it’s available through steam…

Currently the SZGamerLegion is 7 strong for any of you steamers on here who feel like joining the group.

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Mass effect was the bomb… the second one was the best

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I play rpg mainly so is a bit of a list, here goes
Aion, E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy, All the Elder scrolls games daggerfall to skyrim, fallouts games, Risen 1-3, Sacred 1-2 Daiblo 1-3, Kotor 1-2, Swtor, Star trek online, Mass effect all 3, dragon age one, Ultima games, DnD games! tons of them! Baldur’s gates games being a core fave, starforged, torchlight, Guild wars, and the random ftp games that look cool but i only play for a week and stop

i don’t know …really. .ya know because ive been taught that ALL OF THAT!!! IS SATANISM!!!


I used to play Gw2 not in ages though. Fallout 4 is probably going to be amazing. A lot of people are looking forward to it. I’d like to try dark souls. Heard it’s a difficult game.

Dark souls is hard and you will die a lot, but with that the game only really makes well me feel great after getting past a boss or trap, or working out some clue i can only play them in short times tho and if you get dark souls on a pc get a gaming pad over a keyborad and mouse it plays so much better with a game pad.

Fallout 4 i am waiting for it but want see how my lappy runs it before i pay out :neutral_face:

As for GW2 the grind got to me and i stopped for now, do some much mental head grinding do not need it in game

I started playing RPG games in the summer of 1982… dungeons & dragons and the like. I have played ever since, had a hand in the development of some of the first RPG video games in the 80s and 90s.

I got away from them because of the violence and blood shed. I still like crafting, exploring, medium puzzle solving, the in game NPC socializing, building, and stuff that has to do with a open sand box setting, but I just can not handle the violence anymore. I hate MMORPG, to many trolls and sociopaths. Even playing paper and dice RPGs that are violent bugs me.

The last game I played was Skyrim, loved it, it was the goal I had to make a game like that, anything from Bethesda Softworks is a work of art, but even with that, the violence stressed the hell out of me but it was the ultimate video game for me. I am great at them, but I just can’t do simulated murder and thieving anymore, bugs me to much.

I can understand that for Skyrim for one, my character a magic user, i got mods to let me fight with out having to kill or use summons so I am not the one doing it, are quest lines i never do, dark brotherhood, vampires, thiefs, etc is messes with me.
I would stick to just pen and paper DnD and the like being im too scared to reach out to a local group. So is pc ones as for online games, Chat off, never join a guild or whatever i play them like a singleplayer game and ignore most to all the planned group things, why i enjoy Star trek online as you can play it as a single player game with little lost.

Part of the fallout 4 worries me as i have trouble with FO:NV after one bad run playing it, about just how much pewpew is going to needed. but i see.

They are rpg games out there that are less to non pewpew i have to check my games and pick Lie BG2 i play a healer, i support my play and they do the fighting, as i always play a healer or supporting type in just about everything. Sorry im going off topic and getting lost

Seriously ? Im in Skyrim right now

Dude man !! If your going to corrupt somebody elses programing …then whats the point of gaming?

I take it you mean mods? Is not an corruption. I’m not answering this right now is only turn into a fight. I’m gone.

I don’t mean to be abrasive, I was just kidding.

Are you in Skyrim also?

I have never been able to tell if someone is kidding, joking, or the like just me.
I have my passport stamped for skyrim a lot, as for now im home i think is too the stars and i ended up back in skyrim as i normally always done.

I was the rank1 pve feral world raiding in the best guilds :slight_smile: WoW that is.

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