Anyone else play RPG's

Cools! Never played WoW but i have raided in other games, and now dislike it the waiting for people etc.
Nice going :smile:

And all it cost me was the love of my life, my job, uni and my sanity apparently :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha there aint any good mmorpgs anymore wow sold out years ago :frowning: And don’t even get me started on the moba community… Thanks though :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to have time for video games. Shooter games and RPGs were my thing.

Mass effect (fuckin awesome)
Elder scrolls
The witcher series
Assassins creed
Grand theft auto
■■■■ I can’t remember it’s been too long

Mass effect was the best by far

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Moba’s…Are Yea best not started on them.
Love, job, school all different stories for a different place. Good mmorpg is all in what the player is looking for and how is seen but i Love to see a Starcraft one, will i never keep on dreaming.

@mortimermouse I am in fact replaying the Mass Effect games form, the frist one again today Key falling asleep listening to the sound track

For any of you that aint already played it through i’d suggest final fantasy X best game i’ve played to date and they just did a ‘hd remaster’ if you can call it that :smiley:

I love RPGs, especially Fallout. Can’t wait for Fallout 4.

Skyrim, The Witcher, and The Souls series are also faves.

Awesome to see fellow gamers on here.

Is 36 years old, to old to play final fantasy games. I played ff9 and the main character is 16. Several years back I got a psp so I could play ff4 the after years. Those characters are old like me

Yes, though it never was my genre of choice (I grew up with the old adventure games and stuff like civilization and flight simulator) I have been exclusively playing elder scrolls skyrim for the past three years straight. My first character was like level 68 or something and I mindlessly explored the entire map (without using magic at all)

My current character is a Dunmer mage who started out as a warrior. I’m playing on a gaming console now which is disconnected (I think and hope) from a network as I had it hacked in the middle of a psychotic break " un " this summer.

I like some mmos. Wow and swtor. I just play the pvp. So much fun. Especially swtor. I have played skyrim. I like to fill my skyrim houses up with stolen cheese wheels and potatoes

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Only Zeldas.

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