Video games

does anyone here play video games if so which ones ?:smiley:

i like medevil types of games such as runescape and skyrim both good games to zone you out for hours!

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I’m still playing Oblivion lol. Love fantasy so tends be my genre in games. Although a big fan of the original UFO/Enemy Unknown so playing that atm. A bit turned off on Skyrim because of all the bugs in the previous ones. Plus I’ve killed at least two graphic cards playing Oblivion. Really I need to spend more time off the computer and more in the real world (whatever that is). So haven’t been playing much.

@haribobear56,i play Fifa 15,just to relax and zone out haha
football fan here :smile:

I like video games ; i think its an art form.

apparently destinys supposed to be good too, yeh im the same i get sucked into games and play them non stop

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i cant stand football drives me mental sorry :frowning:

great form of escapism if you find the right ones

For single player stories, my faves are probably Red Dead Redemption and the Last of us.

I have a very addictive personality, and I am certain that if I found a video game I liked I would spend all my spare time playing it.

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I don’t like anything more complicated than Pong, lol.

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Yeah video games just aren’t interesting anymore.

I play elder scroll’s skyrim sporadically and otherwise civilization V formerly with a friend of mine but single player currently. Used to rock some total war: rome II until it broke down…build a nation that defies empires and such.

It’s a pastime of mine I suppose…I limit it to a few games though.

I play world of warcraft a lot. I like the game…I cant wait for the expansion to come out November 13th

I’ve been playing a lot of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lately. Gaming is a hobby I’ve dedicated a lot of time to my whole life and want to continue putting time into.

The only one I play regularly is the Sims, right now I’m into the Sims 4, but I’m waiting to see what they add in the next expansion pack, I mean the sims 4 is extremely limited compared to past Sims (sims, Sims 2, Sims 3) but I know why, it’s because they’ve created a new interface and they have to work out the kinks and stuff but I’m hoping expansion packs don’t take long to come out and they add more than one or two features.

Grand theft auto 5 playstation
Sonic the hedgehog on Sega Genesis
any older video game system like super Nintendo or Sega games I enjoy

I think the older games are more fun

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Fifa rules,it doesn’t take much of your time away,unlike mmorpg,it kills time that you would not had for other things

Its not as much about the escapisim for me. Its more like a mental workout , it helps doing a bit of problem solving aswell as improving coordination.