Anyone here gamers? I know there was a post about this but I can’t find it. Lol I play x box 360 all the time and I play WoW as well. My gamer tag for x box 360 is blackxmas09 if anyone would like to game with me! :slight_smile:

I used to be really into games on the 360 but I played so much that I got tired of it. What 360 games do u play?

Different things. I play Call of Duty Ghosts a lot now and Black Ops 2 as well. Others are Diablo 3, Borderlands 2, Halo 4, Skyrim, and Reckoning. :slight_smile:


Haven’t been into games since thee 80’s.

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The only game i played was I stopped buying new versions when they made some quite radical changes that i couldn’t get to grips with.


I sometimes play Minecraft on PC. Digging tunnels to find ore, amassing riches, then being blown apart by a creeper that appears from somewhere and losing it all. Then keeping a long sad break and starting all over again.

I used to be big into computer games. My favorite was S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl. It was about an individual who wakes up in the exclusion zone set up around Chernobyl and his (yours) adventures unlocking clues to how you got there. I’ve abandoned computer games out of boredom with them. They also got too complicated. I remember when Doom came out and how much fun that was, blasting demons and monsters everywhere, but now the games are quite complex.

Woohoo, a girl gamer!
I thought they were extinct! lol
I love the xbox 360, pretty much any rpg game will float my boat.

I just gave my friend my xbox for Christmas…
and nothing was the same!

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I was thinking of games they should redo on these really bad ass new systems.

Tenchu was one that came to mind, if they would do that for ps4 i would be blown away, i used to love sneaking up on those bad dudes and cutting off their heads.

And if you are young and have never seen or played a good old fashioned nintendo then give it a go, because holy ■■■■ did it suck, it will really put how awesome these new systems are into perspective, we thought that it was great to.

I would still play but torture has ruined everything for me, the color left the world a long time ago and i can’t enjoy it anymore.


im waiting on the haarp home console, f#cking with people minds seems too be fun for some

Hi! I like games to. Like Kingdom hearts,assassins creed,ledgend of Zelda and Mario games.

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2d side scrolling is it for me.

I’m a oldster that won’t fade away.

I play Fifa 15 on my PC and once a while Dota 2…both is good to kill some time

My genius nephew who has Aspergers is into gaming.

He wants me to get into gaming as well.
He was showing me how to play Skyrim, and honestly I found it to be a bit scary.

I don’t know if it’s a good idea for me, who suffers from grandiose delusions to get into a fantasy filled video game - this could feed into my delusions very easily.
I would rather play mindless games like centipede or millipede.
I have to move away from Fantasy and get involved with games that ground me


How old are you?If your around 25-30 like me,most people play League of Legend or Dota 2,it’s match by match and not much continous…so you can stop anytime

Playing darksiders 2 at the mo

I like

Demon’s/Dark Souls/2
Devil May Cry (original series of course)
The Sims

I play on the PS3 but am getting a PS4 for Bloodborne.

I also like platformers.

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Also check out Left4Dead, even if it is a little easy.

Dude left4dead is super tough! The reg zombies are alright, but on the harder difficulties with the more specialized types all active that ■■■■ becomes a mess.