Does anyone here play RPGs like D&D?

I’m going to start up a new D&D campaign I’m going to be dungeon master and was wondering if anyone else out here does stuff like that to sort of vent in a cheap way. It’s going to take a lot of time to keep the game going since I have to create all the aspects of it but I think it’ll be worth it.

havent played it but has always been interested in it. dont know anybody who does it so difficult

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I used to play, enjoyed it a lot. But these days computer games are so good they are quite tempting.

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I used to play Dragon Warriors mainly as a teen. Among AD&D,2nd Basic D&D, Traveller etc etc etc. Hardest thing is getting everyone around at the same time. Was so much easier to get everyone straight after school. But at least you don’t have have to answer to nagging parents of spending to much time on it. Just nagging partners if a problem as an adult.

I want to play but always worried that I am a useless adult with someone nagging / hooks about it.

I used to be interested when I was young, back then I had no pc no internet, later pc and slow internet now pc, laptop and fast internet but out grown schi so zero percent interest, can’t stop losing myself to day dreamz and psychosis thoughts, disorganized thoughts to be precise. I wish I had money so I can completely live in a non troubled gaming world with health supplements supporting the cause.


I use to love D&D befor the symptoms kicked in ,what I thought was so cool is when they added a Asian aspect to it with samurai and ninjas and clan wars.

I used to be a big fan of the Arabian adventures expansion, Al Qadim it was called. Had a lot of fun with it, even managed to get my step dad to play when he thought he was “long gone past those kinds of things.”

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