Anyone else here feel like

A pharmaceutical experimentation chimpanzee


I’ve been kept in labs and experimented on

I have spent all my life, since 1963, being experimented on, just to find Latuda and Oxcarbazepine. The doctors don’t admit to this kind of experimentation.

When I was in hospital I felt I was being experimented on. Not now.

Life 101 experiment in progress right here.

I know I’m not going to get popular for saying this, but experiments are very strictly controlled studies with at least one dependent (not manipulated) and one independent (manipulated) variable. And I think medical experiments with one subject are almost non-existent these days. Changing someone’s medications a dozen times is very far from being an actual experiment, and doctors don’t have anything to gain scientifically from doing so. There’s nothing to learn that can be generalized to others. Not to mention the fact that deception is almost never used anymore because of ethical committees that have to approve any scientific study before it is conducted. So rest assured, people, you have most likely not been experimented on.


Is that so? I’m intrigued. Please do tell me more.