Im in a human experiment

I have this belief I can’t let go. It involves me being in this experiment of what happens when someone is institutionalised throughout life and fed medicine without any reason. The doctors and nurses and psychiatrists don’t know they are in it.


It’s not happening. It doesn’t make sense to me. But I have my own set of what I’m told is delusions so no judgment here. Are you in therapy?


@ZmaGal no Im not in therapy

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It might help you think through these things better. I’m trying to use skills I learned to deal with unusual beliefs and paranoia. I learned the skills in a very intensive therapy program.


Yes that is excatly how i feel, an experiment, and that experiment (me) refuses to be continuously experimented on. No thanks.

It could be that you’re misdiagnosed. I wouldn’t call it a human experiment but a medical malpractice. Anyway, most likely they are right and you are ill. If you really question it you could get a second opinion.

I feel that way sometimes after pdoc appointments— it’s all trial and error finding the right med combo, plus being mentally “poked and prodded” personally makes me feel like straight ass after a session.

I also have thoughts (dunno that I would call it a delusion, per se) that I am unknowingly part of a longitudinal study. Don’t feel comfortable saying too much on the matter, but I did make a post discussing it further a while ago.

It doesn’t help that this diagnosis is one of the less common ones, and that medical professionals still don’t understand the basic mechanisms behind it.

Throw in some “psycho” stigma, and you just might have conditions for the perfect storm.

Most days, I just wanna be left alone.

It might be possible to say that all our activity today is an experiment for tomorrow.

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