I've been gaslighted to think I'm mentally unwell!

Everybody is against me. I’m not mentally unwell at all. I’m a case study and they implanted me with a microchip in my left armpit. Why would they be so interested in me otherwise? Scientists have been doing this to me as I’m an experiment. I have proof, it’s been going on 14 years now. Why would they target me otherwise?

When did you first start getting mental health treatment?

14 years ago when they first started experimenting on me.

I don’t think you’re being experimented on.

It’s too bad you don’t have the realization that you are in fact, ill.
It’s ironic as hell that in one sentence you say you are not mentally unwell at all and you say immediately after that you have a chip implanted. It’s tragic. Why do you live in a group home?


Hey @bobbilly I think you need to talk to your team again… You don’t sound well


I do because I’m a experiment… Scientists are experimenting on me.

Nobody is experimenting on you @bobbilly

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Why have I got a lump in my left armpit? I have been to many GP’s and doctors and they can’t feel anything. ( they are all out to get me)

And most importantly why are they so interested in me, I mean they won’t leave me alone?

Sounds like you’re unwell at the moment.
No one is experimenting on you, really.

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I want to cut it out but I scared my group home residents last time trying to cut it out so don’t want to this this time. I really want to though as I know where the microchip is this time.

Dude this is 100% paranoia. I think you should see a doctor or ask someone for help bro.


I believed I had a brain chip installed in my first psychosis. They took an MRI and nothing was there. You’re in psychosis.

It’s time to trust your medical team that they are saying the truth and trying to help you.


You seem determined that you’ve been experimented on?

Don’t you recognize the pattern here?

Microchip, implants, secret experiments? Everyone is acting and out to get you?

Haven’t you read what people are posting on this forum and don’t you see the pattern here?

It’s typical schizophrenia stuff!

You should talk to your doc about your meds not working.


Probably nothing serious.

Please talk to your pdoc, you seem really unwell.

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No you are not, you are mentally ill.