Anyone else have "pretty, ugly" voices?

My voices are downright mean most of the time.

And they trick me. They say “hey you’re pretty!”, “pretty, ugly, bitch”

All my voices have been neutral with one being very pleasant.

Sounds like something a teenager would say actually.

Yeah im with pans

Mine are vicious and downright mean. They say things like “you lousy ct,your such a whore, just die b*ch die!” Just for example. I have nine distinct voices, one s a woman-my mother, one is a little child, the other seven are men from mylife. They talk, whisper, sing at me usually, but when I am stressed out they scream and when I am in therapy they shout over the therapist. I wish they would go away.

Mine are generally just advisors these days. Fairly neutral now

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My voices also mimic good cop bad cop. Makes me unsure and get anxiety.

My Latuda got pushed up to 80 mg and since then my voices have faded so much. When I do hear them, they are pretty neutral now.

But even as recently as last year… I’ve had one that was just ugly and would beat me up and freak me out. I also had one that was pretty calm and could help me.

The rest were just annoying.

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