Anyone else have multiple blows to the head in their life

And do you think it has an effect on your mental condition?

I’ve had 4 severe blows to the head…the first was a rock thrown by a friend when I was 14 to the back of my head knocked me out…the second I fell and hit a large rock knocked out…the third was a severe car wreck face hit the dash knocked out…and the last I slipped and hit my wood heater I was unconscious for 8 hours…my kid jumped on my chest and woke me up…do you think these events have an effect on my mental health…?


Someone threw a book at my head…had to get stitches, and someone sucker punched me in the jaw. They were best friends.

Yes, I had several, all due to physical abuse by my exboyfriend. I don’t think it affected my mental health, but who knows? I had to go to the hospital once because of it and they said it was just a bump.

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i was thrown from the ot to the wall when i was a baby (my dad old me that my mum did that)
then at .school on the pole vault i would head butt the floor dunno why couldnt get my balance i suppose

then growing up with violent relationships got my head bashed n kicked n stuff

and most recently my daughter’ s mum in law knifed me in the head when we had a fight xx

so dunno maaybe just coincidence xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Had a TBI about five years ago. Changed my personality and made me more volatile. Had to go on a mood stabilizer and get some anger management treatment. Things are better now, but I’m still having some residual effects, namely it made my dyslexia worse (I had nearly gotten past it) and I still can’t read sheet music because of it.

The Effexor scrip was to help with my mood issues. Docs took that away over cardio concerns, so I’m abusing the living ■■■■ out nicotine right now, but it keeps me from clubbing retards with a Wiffle Bat.


yes i’ve been knocked out in training and fighting, and it doesn’t really help your mental situation at all. I’d say avoid fighting and practice yoga to attain better balance to keep form falling again.

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It was a medicated imbalance…I usually have ninja balance…I once tripped over a rail at a full run did a roll and never broke stride…

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lol I feel that same way. I medicate my rage.

I was forced to box in the army and have been mugged too. I’m not the best fighter let’s say, but I can now take a really good hit and shake it off pretty easily. I have lots of tactile hallucinations of being slapped, punched, etc…so that is a real patience tester. The eye poking doesn’t help either. But I just try to ignore the symptoms you know? I’m sorry your medicine made you so out of balance but I know what you mean cause I experience it too. Often, I shoulder check doorways and don’t do very well in narrow access areas anymore.

I really wish that my meds didn’t have those types of side effects, I want to be in full control of my motor functions and balance you know?

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when I was probably about 4 or 5 I was running in a store and slipped and fell and hit my temple right on the corner of a shelf. I got my head glued, no stitches. maybe it has something to do with my mental health, but I’m thinkin my shitty childhood has more to do with it. HA

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I have had two concussions where I was knocked out. Once a black boy picked me up and body slammed me, breaking my left arm, which is now shorter than the right, and I went unconscious.I was 13.
First time I wiped out on a bike going too fast down a hill. All I remember was a stranger lady and my mom in a car talking softy to me. I was 7. I don’t think these issues have affected my mental health because I was fine for over 20 years after those events.

I took a lot of head blows yes… But i think my sza is from childhood mess and genetics.

I was in the army too…I only got beat once in hand to hand but it was 3 vs 1 and I got stuck in the crucifixion hold…

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No blows to the head for me. I don’t think there is a connection to mental illness. It’s probably in the genes, and gets exacerbated by stress or psychological trauma.

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I was wondering if getting knocked out due to blunt force trama multiple times maybe influenced my memory loss and or exaggerated my sz symptoms… Some people have said its altered their personalities some…was just curious…lol

I’ve had 4 minor concussions, and one blow to the head as a toddler that might have lead to a fifth one, not sure.

I don’t know how it has affected me, honestly. I’m open to the possibility that there has been an effect, but I can’t pinpoint it.

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That’s how I feel about it…guess we may never know…

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I hit the top of my head on the bottom of a swimming pool when I was about 11. I thought I was doing it for attention. But I didn’t trust anyone enough to complain about a concussion. I think that and a lack of treating it did affect my mental ability. A combination of social withdrawl and physical injury.

I entered a tough man contest and fought this guy who was a state champion wrestler. I knocked him out in the third round, but he could have hit me quite a bit less than half as much and won the fight. I’d better not try to box competitively. My brains would get turned to oatmeal pretty fast.

Been bashed about a fair bit playing rugby. Not as much as American football does though I expect.