Meahh... Meahhh... that's my SZ Scapegoat

I was wondering if anyone else did this… Blamed stuff that wasn’t SZ on their SZ.

I do. Did… the incident that just came to mind was a few months ago my 17 year old sis caught the eye of a 24 year old heroin user. :scream_cat:

She fell for him and wanted to rescue him and save him and with her help, she was SURE he would go to rehab. In stead he just ended up shooting up at our house. I banned him from the house, there were hard words, kid sis was sad that a fellow addict like me could extend the hand of companionship and empathy.

I told her… “Sorry sis, but lack of empathy is one of our symptoms” (when really I didn’t want an adult heroin user dating my underage sister.) She didn’t like it, but she couldn’t argue.

He guy overdosed and ended in hospital and she rushed to his side to help and HE broke up with her in the hospital. She comes home and cries on my shoulder and when she finally tells me why she’s ruining another one of my shirts with mascara stains I forgot myself and did a happy dance.

The adult heroin user is out of my underage sisters life and it only took a few weeks… it is time to happy dance. :dancers:

She was shocked and she looked at me with pure disbelief… “How can you be so happy about this?” :confused:

Opps… :open_mouth: “Sorry sis, but inappropriate response is one of our symptoms. Text book you know”
She couldn’t argue it. But adult heroin user out of my kid sister’s life is a perfect reason to happy dance… :dancer: :sun_with_face:

I’ve also walked away in the middle of conversations saying my circus is amping up… When really, I just don’t like the person who is talking to me. :goat:

I feel like I have two of those. Aside from being a schizo - I am also ESL - so - I can do the ‘I donta speak engsliss that fery goot’ thing

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If you don’t mind me asking, what is your other language?

not at all , I’m sure: it’s Russian

I’ve blamed a lot of stuff on the SZ.

If someone like that …anyone tried to date my sister while she is underage, I’d react with violence. Then I’d blame it on the SZ, but I honestly would have a hard time getting a lick in with my four brothers.

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Sometimes a recognized excuse is better spoken than the truth.

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