Anyone dealing with a breakup for the new year?

Hello Everyone and happy new year 2016!!

So I breakup with my girlfriend just a week before the new year… Man has it been a rough past couple of months with moving, school, my girlfriend and failures of finding work and stability. Not to mention my conditions. (which is Diagnosed Schizophrenia/ slight visual and audible hallucinations and delusions.

I have no friends at all and no one to talk to. Big mistake to make. Its hard to confide in people, trust you know.

I try to enjoy the new year at grand park and end up running back home from that place because it was way much for me to handle all the happy families, friends and people hanging out. I was way to depressed that I go back home and lay in bed and fall asleep.

All the while dealing with my depression and symptoms.

For the past couple days I keep arguing with myself over whether what I did was the right thing and I’m just paying my dues for breaking up with her.

So I just texted her back…

Not saying that this is the case, but don’t let go of supportive people. Again, not saying that this was the case, because I do not know, but if she is supportive, don’t let her go. I have never had a girlfriend but I can empathise with you in the fact that I get upset over seeing happy people. i hope everything works out and if you need me just talk to me. I have no one to talk to either and no friends really. So it would be nice. Hope you feel better soon.

I’ve been trying for two hours to break up with this chocolate pie at my sisters house. It won’t let me go. It keeps calling me back.


Chessai, thats a hard life to live without friends or family.

I’m hearing what your saying its things like that I’m conflicted about because. She was there for me time and time again, and each time I would push her away. Yet I would constantly go back to her after that.

I honestly have seen my instability and don’t think she has an understanding on how to approach me when I have an episode.

It was the fact that she has kids that contributed to my stress and my feelings for her. Like I want the family thing, but I don’t think I’m going to find it by being so Gung Ho and diving in to responsibilities that are much bigger than me.

I’m still struggling for stability with school, housing, work and relationships. I think I’m just paying the price for thinking I could loving this women. It feels like its only time that will heal this.

Nick, just hit it and quit it.

@jamesbarba1 Maybe you could say that now is not the right time for you, until you get your life together. Maybe you guys could just take a break until you do. As for mr. nick, I think he was just joking to cheer you up.

Also I’m sorry you don’t have anyone around to help you. If you need me, I’ll be here every day I can. Message me should you need me.

Chessai, Thanks and I know nick was playing around. It was a good laugh, I was messing around to.

take care Chessai, have a great new year.

take care you too!