Dealing with heartbreak

i just broke up with my boyfriend. he is schizophrenic too and i think we were driving each other crazy. I am hurting pretty bad about it but it was toxic and i was so miserable lately when I was with him that I felt my mental health take a serious dip. things have been so shitty lately, with social security and my own problems. i dont know how to deal.

Having a bleak day myself.

It’s not worth keeping bad relationships afloat.

Stay strong.

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thank you. i hope you feel better, i guess i just need more confirmation that i did the right thing. all my friends tell me i did. but I can’t help but feel very missing him. like i could have helped him . even though i know icant.

A lot of people think they can help sz people. It’s never enough though. Life goes on.


The time to end a relationship is when it hurts more than it don’t.

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I’m sorry your hurting… but it’s good you can recognize he was toxic… that doesn’t take the pain away… but it hopefully as you feel better… things will get easier.

It’s hard to let go of people… but sometimes we have no choice…

Good luck and I hope this gets easier soon

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I hate to say this, but sometimes its tough when 2 severely mentally ill people become an item.

I have bipolar/SZA and my wife at the time had Borderline Personality Disorder and DID - it was tough from the start, but my marriage increasingly became very difficult to manage near the end - we ended up divorcing.

Do not give up though - you will find the right person one day - relationships are pretty tough, this is for sure

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Its sounds like a cliche but oftenly its true:
Time heals. Almost nothing else.


I’m sorry to hear about your breakup. The hurting is terrible but it does get better with time.It’s tough to fight sz and a difficult relationship at the same time so maybe it is for the better. I’m going now for 10 years without a relationship. Having sz and the thought of being in a relationship is just too complex for me. Maybe you’ll find someone soon again that makes it easy for you to be in a relationship. You never know …I’m thinking about you and hope your pain goes away soon.

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Thank you everyone for your kind words. Im big on letting time heal things.
I feel a little better with your supports. If nothing else, I am good at stopping
myself from feeling too much.

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I hope you’re feeling better @CarleyGee?
Don’t listen to a songs that could remind you of him.
And, believe your intuition!

You did the right thing for both of you. If the relationship was toxic to you I’m willing to bet it was toxic for him too. You are both coming out better on this decision. But love doesn’t listen to reason or logic. Just know that you did the right thing by him.

“They say time will make all this go away.
But it’s time that has taken my tomorrows and turned them into yesterdays.”

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I’m learning that in relationships you have to take the bad with the good. If the bad outweighs the good too much it is time to get out of that relationship. I’ve seen enough bad relationships in my life to believe that “nothing” is so much better than some relationships.

Yeah, they are ■■■■■■■ liars.

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bunny :rabbit: hug.
take care :alien:


Those things hurt a lot just thinking about having one.

Just wanted to check up on you. Are you feeling any better today/now?

Breakups suck. I had a full blown relapse partly due to a breakup and partly due to quitting smoking and two friends going to jail last year. Just be careful and don’t do anything else to destabilize yourself, and grieve it out if need be. I don’t cry over people I date or screw or whatever, in general I cry once a year when I watch a tragic movie.

Anyways yeah hang in there and do realize that if it was toxic, it’s for the better that it’s over.

Doing much better. My mental state is still in disarray which I assume is due to PTSD or something. Not sure. Either way, today is much easier than yesterday.