Anyone come off Pregabalin before?

I take 450mg a day for anxiety, but not sure if I need it still

Have been taking it since 2018

Has anyone come off it? Were there bad withdrawals? Did you take it for anxiety? Did the anxiety come back?


I took it for a while but I stopped it bc I was getting all bloated and weight gain, when I stopped I cant remember much about side effects, I seem to feel better when I stopped it, like the anxiety before I took it was bad but when I stopped it wasn’t as bad as before

@Jimbob is trying to come off it I think (or he was)

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Yes,i was on 600 mg. I quitted over two weeks, i think, or less. I prefer to deal with the pain fast, instead of prolonging the pain but in a lesser degree.

The withdrawals were not that bad, but they lasted for quite a while.

My withdrawals were stomach issues, a feeling of unrest, but not much more.

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Quitting cold turkey is in no way adviceible and very dangerous but might be the only option if you cannot tapper down. One month ago I quit Seroquel 550 mgs and Geodon 160 mg. I’m glad that I never have to touch Geodon any more because that it activated me and made me go manic. I regret quitting Seroquel one month ago and I’m going to persuade my doctor to place me back on Seroquel 400 mg again.I like that Seroquel is calming just like the Clopixol depo that I now have revived for 27 years. I’m not advising against Geodon but to me it caused more harm than benefits where as Seroquel gives me more benefits than harm. So I’m going to ask for that.