Only lasted two days off of zyprexa

Had to get on zyprexa again. I was hoping to get off of it but had some symptoms show up. I now feel back to my original self on it again.


My symptoms come back quickly after I stop my meds too. Within 24 hours usually I’m in a bad place.

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Was hoping to go down on the number of meds I take but being functional is more important.

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Yeah it’s just the way things go with SZ. I take two APs and a bunch of other stuff for the side effects. If it ain’t broke…

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I hear you.

I once had my VA doctor tell me I had a bad EKG and I stopped Gordon cold turkey. It was a ■■■■■. I was taking more latuda but the Geodon really works for me.

The cardiologist said my EKG was fine and me taking Geodon was fine. I went back in it and straightened up.

I had to double my anxiety meds for about 5 days and was psychotic as hell for a few days.

I have tried coming off Geodon a few times. Never been able to do it. I used to take 80 mg twice a day but I have managed to cut it down to 40 twice a day but I also take 80 mg of Latuda every day.


I’m on Geodon too. The half life is 7 hours so I’m pretty sure that’s why the antipsychotic effect wears off so fast. It also has horrible withdrawals.


penguin flyer. I quit Geodon cold turkey 4 month ago. It’s the best and hardest thing i have ever done. The withdrawals were horribly snd I barely survived. I got admitted twice and I got the Clopixol Lai uppered with 100 mgs and the Seroquel uppered with 50 mgs. I got rid of 160 mgs Ziprasidone. I’ll never ever touch activating antipsychotics again.

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Did you swap or quit cold turkey?

I call it a cold turkey on that specific drug. If I quit all my meds would be the same as telling people that I wasn’t afflicted with the same illness as them which I am. I was on Geodon for almost 20 years so I know the withdrawal will take me 20 month but now I through the worst of the withdrawl. I had to get uppered with 100 mgs and seroquel with 50 mgs. If it was as easy as quitting Clozapinr which I did 25 years ago I would.just call it a swap but this time it was different…it.was damn heavy.hard.quitting ziprasidone but now I’m through it. I don’t suffer of anosognosia so I do understand the need of my current meds