Anyone besides schizophrenics bothered by advertisements?

It seems to me that a lot of us here are bothered by advertisements and arm-twisting commercialism. I’ve always detested commercials.

But now I’m wondering if you know any others besides schizophrenics that are bothered by this stuff.

Is this an Unusual Belief that is really rather usual among us, but an issue that doesn’t touch most normal’s consciousness at all?

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I know my husband hates them because he feels like they’re manipulative and full of lies. They don’t really bother me so much, though, and I’m the one with sz.

I think they’re very transparent and superficial. Not to mention annoying…annoying too! Buy this, buy that, ask so and so about this, sign up here for this other thing, screw it all!

You’ve got to be kidding! You’re sz and they don’t bother you much? I guess my belief really is unusual then, that advertisements are of the very devil.

I’m happy for you that you’re free of this annoyance.

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I have a few people in my life who are healthy. I do notice it’s not just me…

there are some commercials that really freak my gf or my sister out… or piss them off.

True… they don’t see it as a pointed message like I might sometimes. But they do get irritated.

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I used to know somebody who worked in advertising and they said if you’re annoyed by an ad then they’ve done their job! Yes, ads are annoying on purpose…


Commercials bother me, but I have learned to ignore their content - some are more annoying than others.

There is a lot of Garbage on TV today - I am bothered by a lot of the sitcoms - they are mindless.

Sometimes the commercials are more entertaining than the actual TV show! :smile:

Commercials… god damn it I hate them.
"Be part of the solution! Buy this luxury electric car that you will only drive to and from work. It will end up in a garbage dump slash beach in Africa in 20 years but IT DOESN’T RUN ON OIL OMG. BUY ALL THE THINGS!"
Fuuuuuuck you.


You bet. When I was ill it would drill into my brain. I used to have a problem with commands and commercials were sorta like that.

But I try to fix these things now. I was able to get a DVR this year that I never had that just skip through commercials before that l used VHS. Netflix and streaming that you pay for has none.

Or before that our library has DVDs you can borrow of shows free. Hope yours does too

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I am stressed out by commercials because they are so intense to me. It’s like having a bee buzzing around your head. That said, I also feel that to most television shows. I find it upsetting.


Most normal’s… consciousness? (Are they really all that… conscious?)

In whatever event, all I had to learn to do was face the fact that all sales pitches are attempts to manipulate the recipient to believe and feel that he needs the thing being pitched. If I keep that in mind and ask myself, “Do I really need that?” I am usually on to the next thing. (I worked in the advertising business for many years, btw. Where do think I began to learn about human behavior?)