Commercials and Advertisements

Do commercials on TV and radio stations bother all of us or is it just some of us? I know some of us are bothered by them.

I’m bothered by SOME adverts on TV. I quickly switch channels until they’re over.

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Bothered in what way? Like annoyed? Or triggered? Or something else?

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I am annoyed and offended by their insult to people’s intelligence. But no I wouldn’t say I was triggered.


within the last year or so I started noticing they put fake people in some of the shows, but mostly they put fake people in the commercials. Sometimes they run the commercial regular and then on the next break they slightly change the faces so they have more extreme facial features. I think they do this so they don’t have to pay the actors as much. Its like they animate the faces, it’s truly weird. It must be a delusion, probably is because no one else seems to notice it. oh God I really am crazy

Oh, OK; thank you for clarifying.

For me, I get triggered by thinking too many ads sexualize people (not so bad on meds now) and I get offended and defensive.


There’s an ad on a radio station I listen to for a lawyer who they advertise as being “psychotically aggressive” and it pisses me off every time it airs.

Oh, yikes, I’m so sorry. That’s really poor taste in words. I hope he goes out of business, just for being a douche.

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