Anyone battling drug use?

I was just wondering since I’m in recovery,
And recently have been wanting to use again,
So thought I’d see if there is any others like me.

I struggle with alcohol. I’ve cut down a lot but not quit.

Even though your tempted stay away from the drugs. Your better off without them. And you deserve a life without them.

I want to smoke weed and wax so bad but it will make me psychotic overtime and it’s crazy expensive

I’m so unmotivated to do anything on the weekends.

I haven’t drank in three years and eight months, but I still crave alcohol.

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I’m an alcoholic and have been sober 128 days. When I was teens and 20’s I used to smoke pot and do speed. But when I got out of business vo tech school, I got a job with a company that drug tested, so I stopped using.

I’m over 28 years clean and sober from booze, drugs, and nicotine. I continue to work my AA program and try to remain vigilant when it comes to exposing myself to old bad habits. I regard myself as in remission, but not cured, and govern myself accordingly.

I have 87 days sober from marihuana. I credit work with my sponsor and believing in a higher power. At current, my higher power is a statement: it is simple, but not easy, I will never be well if I don’t stop using. Repeating this statement when I have cravings has kept me clean almost three months.


I’m an alcoholic , 6 years sober. I had to go to AA to quit and I got lucky and they helped.

I’d say this is natural to feel that way

To be honest, as someone else who has been clean for 10 years, I just remember how I was treated by people when I was on drugs, and that scares me into not wanting them

I did a 12 month community rehabilitation order when I was 18 and that set me on the right path. I only since then had one relapse at 23 when an old friend and me spent lots of money on cocaine.

I regret that a lot, but I won’t do it again.

We need to be careful with SZ not to abuse drugs, as it’s not helpful to anyone and is destructive

I think I’m very close to being an alcoholic.

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