Anyone a good/ very good writer?


I’m writing a play. There is a bit of interst, in Connecticut, (I am in the UK) in shipping me out there to workshop it next year.
I do, however, need a fresh pair of eyes, preferably by someone who is adept at writing. I have been a bit scared off writers forums because of everyone wanting so much feedback themselves, which is something I’m really not good at - ha, sorry.
If you feel up to reading a 3/4 length play I can email it to you.
Actually anyone who feels like taking on a lot of reading and consideration I’d be happy to hear any feedback.
My email is
It’s semi autobiographical about a schizophrenic woman

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that’s cool cloud dog! I would do it but i’m paranoid about downloading emails from people i don’t know. The internet makes me paranoid a lot actually. Good luck and keep us updated on how it goes. I would love to write and i do in a personal journal but i’m not a “good writer” I try though! Keep us updated and good luck!

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Thanks runnergirl
I’m the same
Ill just reassure the next person
I went by greentigress, Tromso and Reykjavik
Some people know me as them



I write on and off. In the past, I even worked as a news editor. My ability to write well really goes up and down depending on the day though. I have the basis for a screenplay myself, but figure if I wrote it and it got attention, I’d tick off lots of people and might even get sued.

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I’m a pretty competent technical writer but I’m unfamiliar with plays.

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I’ve written a couple of books and am in the process of publishing. I could take a look at it, though I have to warn you I have little experience with plays. It sounds very interesting though.



i sent you a private request for your email so i can forward my play
? same to all :smile:



i sent you a private request for your email so i can forward my play
? same to all



please check your private emails on this site

I posted my email address above :slight_smile:



good on you writing a play.
take care

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Thanks darksith x good nickname

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that’s not a nickname , i actually am from a different planet , far far away on a mountain top i dwell.
contemplating time and space !
take care



Hi CloudDog

I write all the time and read alot.

One of my favorite genres is the schizophrenic memoir;
All time favorite is from Daniel Schraber, Germany, from the turn of the 20th centrury, he was the son of Dr Schreber, famous for inventing the Schreber method of raising children, which involved a chair for torture, and I was similarly raised in 60’s america by parents reading dr spock manual on raising kids, a similar torture that led to the suicide of dr spock’s son, we now know, discrediting all that torture i guess.

I’d say schizophrenic memoirs are broken up into two categories, those where the girl is trying to get “well again”, and loose the psychosis, and those like daniel schraber’s, written from deep inside the psychotic mind, full of enthusiasm about the new ideas he is presenting.

My own schizophrenia memoir is posted on smashwords.

In fact I even posted a review of someone else’s book, a schizophrenic memoir, here’s the review:

*> •Operators and Things: the inner life of a schizophrenic on May 14, 2012

(no rating)
This is the rich material outlining an amazing case, with full recall of the logic entertained during the six-month-long psychosis, integrated and interspersed with original and penetrating theories on her own case, arranged in a masterful and literary way. The case that “Something” is actually just the “unconscious mind” of the individual, with “attachments” that “extend” into other minds and can interfere with the operation of physical gambling machines in Vegas, was not convincing enough for me, but I found that I could entertain my own psychoses, overlaid neatly over the ones in the book, quite easily, partly as a result of the great writing and presentation style, which kept the interesting constellation of ideas well organized and clearly arranged. And though written clearly from the point of view of a gratefully-recovered patient, the total recall of the depths of the psychosis was vivid and compelling enough to have me, at one point in the narrative, wanting to go out and get myself a copy of “Field & Stream” magazine and to walk around with it in full view, so that the Operators would think I’m an Operator and not just a Thing. Outside of the heat of the material itself, this is a great essay with turns of phrases and colorful ideation throughout. The oddest phrase of all may have stuck with me the deepest, out of all the other phrases in the book; our hero was, for six months, a “pixie in a garret”. -Nepomuk Onderdonk, “Wagging my Redshift Tail, A Philosophy of Madness”*

I would be more than happy to read what you’ve got and give feedback - plenty of time, i’m sitting here learning chinese caligraphy at 5 in the morning on a sunday; I can also proofread - I am a very good editor, read the new york times every day and if there is a punctuation missing or a word used the wrong way, I notice and do a double take. (big new york times for sunday comes out in a few hours at starbucks, i’ll be all over that for hours and i’ll come out of that with something crazy to present; - “I’m undercover BRB - banditry repression brigade from paris” - learned that in a sunday times, love to learn, love to hear crazy stuff, contemplate new ideas, what am i supposed to do with all this mental energy ??? so think, write, send, and let’s see…

email me at





Hi WonderDonkey
Thanks for your offer. I can hopefully attach.
You sound committed and energetic



energetic, absolutely, it’s one of the most important side-effects of madness;
committed? well, i get alot of crazy ideas, cutivate alot of hobbies,
but yeah, i drop alot of other literature and would say the mind of madness is my top genre;
so in that sense yeah i’m committed, and once i start i will definitely go through what you give me,
i love knowing i can communicate back to the author i’m reading.
so nothing in my inbox yet.
nyt was good, well worth the six bucks,
here’s why, ready, wanna sea crazy ideas transmitted over the medium?
here’s stuff that must be only in the ny times,
first, theres kumar, kumar natarajanaidu, he lives in queens,
and in the back of his flower shop he has built a room sized shrine
that was laid out for him in a dream he had when he was ten in india,
he had been paralyzed early in life and miraculously cured by the mother of the universe,
decided to buy that little flower shop place cause it had high spiritual vibrations,
but then found it to be haunted,
he got sick and business got bad,
\so he figured out what ghost it was
and he “made peace with it”
and now things are good…
“she removed the black magic”

  • that’s advanced demon management technique,
    right there in the sunday paper in an easy how to guide,
    gotta see if this black and white photo of kumar smiling in his temple
    is color on the internet, and as psychedelic as they say…

and then hey this is great,
seems there’s been a tradition in scandanavia
every year since the year i was born - 1966 -
to build a giant goat cause that predated santa as the pagan bringer of gifts this time of year.
and out of the 47 years the tradition has been carried out,
vandals attacked it in Gavle, 90 miles north of stockholm,
they burned it, did it yesterday, and 27 out of the last 47 times
that this symbol of christmas was set up.
i thought that was great, and that i need to be in stockholm
next year at winter solstice to help direct the burning
and ensure that it happens, 27 out of 47 isn;t that good,
we could do better over the next 100 years…

nothing in my email box yet though…
(it’s just hotmail, can;'t handle more than 5 mb chunks i think…)




Ever watch the clective energy come and go from the body like shoting stars rampenty flowing in hafe circle. Oh hi I’m no writer but I do like faction not fiction.

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