Anybody interest in a book club

Anybody interested in starting a book club? We could read a chapter then discuss or read the book then discuss. I think we should center it around SZ. Read books with SZ characters or about SZ.

I would do a depersonalization/derealization book club. Good idea…

We had that idea running around, even made a poll with some choices. But then nobody talked about it again. The winner choice was One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but some pointed out it would be a difficult book to read.

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You gotta make private threads at that point else they just sink…

You could have responded by inviting tyme here into it…

Only you can do this @minnii… the power is yours.

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I dont remember who wanted it.

But @Tyme the idea was sort of to not dwell on sz so much. What do you think about it?

Sure, whatever the community decides.

If anybody is interested please let us know in this thread along with your ideas.



the top few expressed explicit interest… the whole list is everyone who participated in the two threads aside from mjseu and petester

Oh and me… count me in

So you start the pm :smile:

Ah I always start the PMs

Let me cook my dinner first

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I don’t want to give you the bad news. The tags did not work, nobody is tagged. As far as PM, just keep the discussion going in this post. That way others can join in if they choose.

It’s your thing I don’t want to steal your thunder :smile:

I’m off to bed now anyways. Will check in the morning

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You can try to keep this afloat… But the only thread that sticks around is the crystal ball sunglasses one.

I do think the book club should be “advertised” some how periodically. But everyone has invite powers in private messages.

Goo call coosing creativity as the section for this. Lounge topics lock after two days inactivity.

It is under lounge. I do not know the rules for each forum. If you think a pm will work better - what it sounds like - let’s do it.

You can’t take my power! :laughing:

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You can only tag 10 people in a post… so I just did it without tags

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