I've been off with the fairies lol

I’m back now - I think.


Glad your back.

Hope all is well.


Thanks 1515151515

Glad to see you back!!! We can have that book club now :smile:

Yep - shall we set this coming Monday as the start Min?

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Sure, we just start a new thread and let’s see who joins in. I was thinking maybe a hundred years of solitude is too heavy for a starter. It might discourage people to continue, maybe something lighter like the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy for example :smile:

I’m easy - whatever I’ll go with it.

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Start a thread - naming the book - people can tag along as it goes - catch up sort of thing - maybe set a time and number of pages per week.

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Maybe best to make sure it’s a book people can download if they want to.

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Yeah, that’s a good idea, setting a number of pages. I’ll start a thread again lol Here we go again :smile:

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One of my favorite turns of phrases. We’re glad to have you back!

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Thanks 15151515151