Third time is the charm - Starting the Book Club!

So some people on here talked about us starting a book club. @Username @Twang @turningthepage @MindJam @metime @velociraptor @Rhubot and probably more but I don’t remember, so feel free to say so if you want to join!

We should discuss what book we should read. My vote goes to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Give us some ideas we can make a poll!

This time we can do it! :smile:


I would like to join. The only thing is that I’m a slow reader. I get distracted.


Cool, it’s okay, we can put a mark on what number of pages one can read per week. It doens’t have to be much, I study a lot too, I hardly have the time to read again but I need to distract myself from all the studying


reading this forum is hard enough lol

I’ve been reading a series of alternate history books about a modern American town that got zapped to Europe in the 17th century. Losing interest though. Read is all I did during my last stay in the hospital…my father gave me Dune to read but I found the chapters long and the plot difficult to get back into after not reading for so long.

I often wonder, because I didn’t read much as a kid, if I would have read as much as I did in my 20’s. I mean the person I used to be pretty much just read ancient alien/conspiracy theory stuff. I miss that person…but that was 15 years ago…that person is long gone yet still lives inside me…he’s who I am. I’ve been influenced so much by a family that hates me yet won’t acknowledge it…yet does…but has me between relying on them or taking a bus to my own doom.

So yeah…I read…just haven’t been able to in a while.

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