Anybody have trouble talking with people?

I’ve always had a mental block when it comes to talking to people and forming good relationships. I’m 44 and it’s always worked out that I don’t talk to people much and end up home alone. Had this issue most of my life. I think I developed sz partly due to this issue and isolation. Luckily, I’ve found a good internet chatroom where I can open up some and there are some nice people there. This is their website if you are interested in it:


I found it just about as boring and/or annoying as talking to people in real life.

I’m no good at any conversation alogia makes all my convos one sided. I am very straight to the point and can’t come up with much filler. I used to be really chatty but since psychosis I have a hard time coming up with conversation material.


I have no idea how to make normal conversation and it is partially my sza and partially deeply ingrained social anxiety. I wouldnt care about not having that many relationships if it wasnt for the fact that sometimes you need people (ex you run out of gas) and the fact my father tells me i am standoffish. I havent made but a single new friend in four years of college…the time most people form their most lasting relationships…but the one person i met is wager is better than just about any one else i “could” make friends with

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yes I do when I first meet people. but later or online I’m chatty I think

Yeah Ive definitely had the same problem all my life. I have pretty bad social anxiety along with sza. For a long time I tried to change it and force myself to get over the social anxiety by making myself speak to ppl even when I didn’t feel like it but recently Ive just allowed myself to speak when I feel like it. I realized maybe I just dont click with alot of ppl-every once in a while I do but thats only when Im not forcing myself to be less “antisocial”

Only when I’m depressed. I remember being so distressed back when I had my first depressive episode at 12 because I had always been very chatty and sociable and could carry on a conversation with anyone and then I became very isolated and stopped talking to people, but when I tried to talk to people again I found it was like I had forgotten how! I could never think of anything to say, my mind would be blank! I think they call that poverty of speech. I still get it now when I’m depressed but when I’m not depressed I can make conversation pretty well and don’t have trouble talking to others.