Anybody experience anger after giving up benzos?

I gave up benzos, but after a month I found myself angry all the time including having emotional outbursts. A quick Google search shows this might be indeed due to benzo withdrawal.

Anybody experience this after giving up benzos?

i had some irritability after using benzos almost daily, but it only lasted for about 3-4 weeks.

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I’m getting much heavier withdrawals I think. Maybe I’ll do some more googling.

Edit: a quick Google search is scary.

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I’ve updated my other benzo thread to indicate that the experiment went horribly wrong.

Lol don’t go on web md’s by any chance.

Yes, I was torturing everyone around, and was very nervous and irritated. I forgot when it stopped.

Did you just stop cold turkey?

Within five days.

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I’m quitting benzos and I’m experiencing irritability too.

As noted in these articles, one needs to withdraw from powerful brain “remodelers” like benzos according to a schedule that may require several weeks or even months to work through depending upon the dose levels and the particular patient’s physiology, as well as the pt’s other diagnosed mental health issues.

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I always just experienced anxiety coming off benzos. I do get angry coming off an antipsychotic, though.

That’s actually really typical. It’s a thing, anger upon stopping a benzo. I think it’s even in the DSM 5. Regardless, it makes sense–your brain becomes used to a chill pill and so taking it away means very not chill, probably frantically looking for the chill pill.

I notice when my morning one wears off, I get a bit energized like I had a coffee and then that brings me out of the afternoon lull which so many people take as a sign to drink more coffee. I then take it at like 5pm and then commit to taking it easier and just doing easy work, usually I take it right after I jog or box and then just study. It’s my “sit still pill”.

And cold turkey on benzos can give you a seizure and or kill you.

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I think I’ve gotten myself into trouble with benzos.

I managed to get to 30 days cold turkey, but now I’m getting really unpleasant withdrawal to say the least.

I took one yesterday and everything is more normal today. More normal, not actually normal.

I’m just so tired of feeling like I’m screwed whatever turn I make. :tired_face:

Thanks. I’ll be talking to my psychiatrist soon about it.

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Maybe you are not going through withdrawals, it could be that you just are too anxious and need to go back on a benzo - your body needs to chill from the anxiety induced from the Abilify.

30 days is a long time to be without a benzo, it might not be withdrawals.

When I was on Abilify for years, I just had to take Klonopin with it - could not manage without it.

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Because of job stress and a failed relationship i first went to a pdoc. From the beginning i was urged to take benzos. This was before the internet but i knew they could be dangerous and addictive. After 2 years of trying everything else i agreed to take xanax. I quickly became addicted, after increasing the dose my pdoc said i could stop cold turkey. Words can’t express how scary and painful it was.
According to my pdocs xanax “triggered” my sz because i was predisposed.
I don’t know if slowIy tapering off would have made any difference for me.
I have been on and off antipsychotics ever since, and the FGAs are brutal torture, imho

So the answer to your question is Yes, but “anger” is a huge understatement.

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That’s what I initially thought.

Unfortunately ‘the internet’ says you can be in trouble for up to 2 years with benzo withdrawal.

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Wow, that is amazing - Gonna keep this in mind for myself, when I stop taking Klonopin in the near future.

From what I remember I was on the same low dose as you. So it might not be plain sailing.

Yeah I expect a bumpy ride, this is why I am procrastinating - Not ready to quit just yet.

My current dose is 0.5 mg a day

Yes.0.5mg, same as me.

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