Benzo withdrawal 2 months on

I think I’ve been going through more benzo withdrawals. That would explain a lot of my current symptoms (irritability etc). Apparently they wax and wane over a period of months.

Just a heads up if you’ve been on them a long time and intend to come off them.

(it actually took me about 6 months to taper off them)

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Check your sources when it comes to researching benzo withdrawal. There’s a lot of whack-a-doo stuff out there about withdrawal taking months or years and causing permanent disabilities. There is pretty much zero hard science to back those claims. If you’re getting info from benzobuddies get off that site immediately- it’s all crap. After two months completely off benzos, your symptoms are your own, and won’t have anything to do with past benzo usage. Trust me, I’ve used benzos for years and the worst experience I ever had discontinuing them was three days of flu-like symptoms after I went off 30mg/night Temazepam after a one week “taper” of 15mg/night. If you finished a 6 month taper two months ago, you’re fine.

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Dunno …

Benzo withdrawal is awful. Gone cold turkey many times and literally lost my mind it was bad. I’m currently stepping down off lyrica and even that first drop in dosage was a shock to my system. I think I’m especially sensitive to withdrawal of these chemicals. There were times it felt as if my skull was caving in on it’s self and oddly I eventually found that taking a few aspirin made aleviated this. The last time it happened my doc went on vacation and I ran out of klonopin refills…I didn’t sleep for a week and on the seventh day I lost my god damn mind…had 3 different religions going at once, a bible on the table, a Buddhist shrine set up with incense burning and Sufi music blaring. I managed to get through the as usual kafkaesque absurdity of getting anything accomplished in this world, for me at least for whatever reason, but wasn’t able to drive to pick up my scrip, luckily I had a family member pick it up and my niece brought it to my door. An hour later I’m back to normal %100.

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so bad to hear that…but i am back to taking benzo…hope i could come off benzo lil easier…

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Opiates were included in that Wikipedia link. Great. :confused:

I hope you’re feeling better soon @everhopeful

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You know from trainspotting “After the withdrawal comes the boredom”

but naltrexone really helped me with the disinterest in life after stopping alcohol, so hopefully helps with the PAWS of opiates for you

PAWS is something you learn about in recovery, 90 days is usually the norm but they say it could be much much longer

I like to think of it positively as “I’m still improving” rather than the negative as “WHEN WILL THIS NIGHTMARE END?”

positive thoughts my friend, every negative can be turned into a positive

if you walk a mile into the woods, don’t expect to be able to get out of the woods in 10 steps…it takes a mile at least to get out and thats assuming you’re not lost.

keep ya head up turtle