Got chest tightness, had to take a benzo, now feel cranky

I might be in trouble with benzos. I have to take one every 20 days due to getting chest tightness/pressure. It’s just benzo withdrawal.

I had to take one a few days ago for this reason. Now I’m feeling ultra cranky. Is this ever going to end?! Gaaaaaah! :grimacing:


Sorry you are going through benzo withdrawal. Calm down and just wait for a longer time. You will be OK.


Oh man, sucks. I had to take a benzo last night too. Head was all over the place.


I was given a few after ER visit. I was afraid to take them all.
Damned if you do, or if you don’t.


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Zopiclone is what I take. Are they okay to take. I like taking them cos they help with my schizophrenia paranoia.

Zopiclone isn’t a benzo, but I don’t know much about it.

Doctor told me they are a better more improved than benzodiazepines. I tried tamazipam but that feel too druggy. But I can function better on zopiclone.

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I’ve got trouble with benzos, I was on Klonopin for nearly all my 20’s, prescribed, until about 4 years ago when I stopped taking them which was hell, I had to be inpatient in a rehab and I went through a nightmarish two weeks in what they called the “Respite Room”. At night, of course I couldn’t sleep, I could hear the night staff guy in the next room turning the page of a newspaper like it was fingerds on a chalkboard.

So I end up moving back to my hometown to help out with this non-profit and get out of the city and I start going to this mental health center for the first time in my life and the doc there offers me Xanax and I turned it down but he sold me on starting klonopin again even after I told him about my 20’s and history of having been in recovery (mainly for drinking but Adderal had a lot to do with most of it)

So now I have this new doctor who apparently wasn’t passed any real or pertinent information from my old doctor who works down the hall from this guy. He goes on vacation for a week and doesn’t renew my refill so I’m calling the pharmacy, calling the receptionist at the center, no klonopin. I didn’t ask for this stuff in the first place, I was offered Xanax and turned it down, I’m not an addict of any sort. The withdrawl, I take 1mg 3 times a day, from this stuff after several days is debilitating, I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t sleep more than 2 or 3 hours a night, the center didn’t even tell me the doctor was away, I went 7 days without it as well as asleep until I lost complete touch with self in my kitchen and am fearing a break with reality or whatever’s going to happen next which could be anything and I get my mother to pick up my script for me and my niece walked it to my door and a half hour later I fine, no lost touch with self, ■■■■ I had 3 religions going that day and I’m not even religious, a bible out on the table, Turkish Sufi music playing on youtube and a Buddhist shrine/scroll in my den with incense burning, that’s how messed up and afraid I was.

Everyone I’ve talked to who knows that stuff KNOWS, I know one guy who had to use Suboxone to merely step down off his klonopin script. Because nobody’s ever heard of a doctor willing to help you get OFF medication. I honestly can’t live without it, it doesn’t get me high or anything, it doesn’t even seemingly have an effect unless I don’t take it for half a day or so.

Sorry, just had to vent.

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i carry some diazepam for emergencies bc of anxiety.

Just ween yourself off them slowly everhopeful. Or try zopiclone, you may like it. Best of luck.

Where I live zopiclones are primarily used as a sleep aid. Are you prescribed them as an anxiolytics?