Anybody else have really strong feelings?

I feel it is a curse.

Sometimes when I’m stressed or depressed. But the feeling that is strongest at this moment is hunger. Dinner in five minutes.

Strong feelings may be good tho, it sux when there are no feelings, like emotions were stolen and can’t feel anything

Yeah, it would most likely mean you’re a psychopath.

im an oversensative palooka. but i havta accept that in my path. i think more people should be more caring for eachother


There’s a big difference between feeling numb and devoid of emotion and being a psychopath.

Yes though, I have very powerful emotions, highly sensitive and not ashamed to admit it, though some who know me, like when I tell some people I have severe anxiety, might not believe it. Just speaking, just speaking, to another person with strong emotions…it’s as if I can feel the energy.

But I’ve also gone numb and felt nothing…following the breakup of both of my only long term relationships I went dead inside, felt nothing, just drifted off into the black.

i like your mindseye avitar pic :smile: @mussel

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It’s been with me for quite some time. I just kind of shut my eyes one day at 16 and that’s what I saw so I start incorporating it into the drawings I did back then, just kind of stuck I guess.

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excellent! i also have higher self visions and sz activity that is for the better :slight_smile: