Any tips? Or advice

I get disability and pay rent and every thing leaving me with a little bit of money and I spend it on clothes then I just feel so bad like I wasted money because my parents always tell me to save. It really causes me stress. I just feel like ass right now.

It’s hard to save when your only income is disability. Can you save like $10 a month? Then you’re still putting money aside, but you’re using what you need. Did you need new clothes? If so, then don’t feel bad. Plus, it’s ok to get yourself a little something you don’t need each month to treat yourself. If you don’t treat yourself, you’ll start feeling sorry for yourself and that won’t help you or your situation.

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I have an excel spreadsheet with a list of all my bills and outgoings each month. I also put aside an amount of money that’s left over for clothes, spending money and savings.

I update it once a week as I spend money, and I always seem to be able to balance things out and still spend/save what I need to.

It works really well, and I don’t get many surprises that cause me problems.

I never used to be good with money, but since I have lived alone I have had to get smarter about how I handle money as I need savings for when I am off sick as we don’t get sick pay where I work.

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That is an amazing idea… I’m going to do that.

I didnt really nees them I just got out the hospital and was feeling down. Which is no excuse

Thank you @ZmaGal

@Joker I suck at money management thank you for the idea

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@anon97970229 consider yourself a success that you aren’t going into debt. That’s amazing in itself.


Thank you! That is true


I used to suck at managing money until I got hit with this illness and it really made me examine my life especially my finances. Since I couldn’t function like I used to and was on medication it really made me realize how debilitating this illness is and how my parents won’t be around forever. I had to sort this out and do something about it.

I started small and got into personal finance books, self help and investing. I began to educate myself and slowly built up from there. It takes time and a lot of discipline and patience but over the long term it’s worth it and you will get satisfaction for staying true to your goals. I’m on target to hit a net worth of $100,000 this year and very excited. Just keep it up and I believe in you!!!

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Thanks you so much! I have that exact same situation with my parents I have to take care og myself I’m working on getting a 4 hour part time job at a warehouse for some extra money nothing special . got any other tips I can do today I followed @ZmaGal advice and saved 15$ in my stash is there any tip I can do now? Thank you


I still live with my parents but help them out with $500 a month. $300 in cash and $200 in food stamps. You could look into food stamps as well and see if you qualify. But keep it up!!! Little by little and step by step you see big results!!!

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Thank you guys! I loved all of yalls advice.

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