Can't save money

Between my prescription and doctor bills, groceries, necessities such as paper towels and toilet paper, dentist and part D insurance, I don’t have anything left at the end of the month. I had the cable TV disconnected four or five years ago, and don’t have a computer, internet, wifi, or a car anymore. I only have a smartphone.

I hate to think what it’s going to be like 10 years from now. I don’t work and am on disability.

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Yeah its a horrible feeling.
I don’t have that many outgoing costs, but I also don’t have that much income. So even when I’m not buying clothes or fast food - I really don’t save that much.

I used to think I was lucky to get benefits, but then when I learnt how much working people actually get and how much living actually costs in terms of rent/bills/food etc - the amount I can get on benefits is a joke (I don’t get PIP).

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You also just posted that you keep giving money to charities. That’s commendable, but it’s not good financial practice to give away so much that you can’t pay your own bills. You need to see to your own needs first.


True, but I only gave a total of $20.00. That’s all I’m going to give this month because I don’t have it.

you could shop for necessities at dollar stores. maybe groceries at those discount liquidation stores.


I’m only riding the bus about once a week, so instead of buying a monthly pass for $18.00 (elderly or disabled), I pay the $1.35 fare per trip. If I start going much more, I’ll have to buy the monthly pass.

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I’m not as able to get around with my arthritis that got worse this summer. Currently I’m mail ordering everything from Amazon and having groceries delivered.


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