Any tips for public speaking?

I’m giving a speech to a communications class later today and I’m pretty worked up about it, I spent most of last night making changes to my speech and it looks like I’ll need to make more before I give it. Any tips for dealing with speaking anxiety?

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King do u work …???

realize people are generally thinking about themselves,
reactions aren’t necessary about you.

talk to the audience, not at them

. and smile. my mom said that helped people feel good.

Just having your speech prepared is the biggest one. Keep it short too if you can. The longer it goes on the more nervous you might get. 5 minutes is a good length.

Yes, you are the subject up there, and they see you through predicates about you. It’s strict universal logic. You are no more able to escape this than they are.

If your own brain faculties are running amok seeing yourself through absolutely inane predicates, then what happens is that predicatory information false or true get run back through your brain, and the anxiety mood is the reaction.

Remember that you are a subject in a universe of virtually infinite subjects. You have a shape. You have a voice, and very few items will stick with anyone longer than the rest of the day which includes predicatory descriptors about yourself.

Given this situation I’d say there are very few predicates for everyone to remember about this event you are standing up in. There is not even much to describe the event either.

So just check your valves. See if the experience matches the real subject/predicate reality that you see and hear. When you break everything down into simple subjects and predicates, your brain will go, “Huh.” You won’t have that anxiety mood like it just shifted out of gear into neutral.

Throttle your data, and neutral zone your experience.

Subject/Predicate logic. It’s universal for mental experiences, language structure, computers, and the informational universe. No one can escape, so remember that, and hold 'em to it.

My sister has a massive public speaking fear,

I had to do a eulogy for my uncle this year because his own daughter has public speaking fears too.

Its super common.

I say be as prepared as possible and rehears.

Practice in front of the mirror several, several times.

When its time, focus on your speech, you don’t have to seem like the best public speaker, you just have to cover the material.

Are you making an outline or reading from paper?

I suggest a detailed outline, it flows better.


They say picture the audience naked, that breaks the ice.

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Yeah, that’s the reason I only give speeches at Hooters and the Playboy Mansion.

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rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, until everything you’re going to say just comes out naturally. if you have a prescription for a perfomance anxiety medication like propranolol maybe pop a couple mgs of that, or a little bit of a benzo.

I used to do speech and debate in high school. It’s all about talking with your heart. Speak like you believe in what you’re saying, be confident. It’s your chance to shine. Most people will not really care if you make small mistakes as long as you stay interesting overall.

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Enjoy it! I still get nerves public speaking but it’s really a work in process!

I still try and I enjoy the challenge. I’ve been a captain in a cricket club for years…I still like giving a great speech but I reckon I fail more times than not…

I’ll still give it a go though!

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I think it’s because of sz. This speaking anxiety. I used to have it when I was in the teaching profession. It won’t go .One doctor suggested Clonazepam 0.5 mg before speech.

This is my mantra to myself before I give a speech.

Listen, no one really cares. People don’t notice your mistakes, I’ve seen it happen because I’ve been to speeches. You think it’s noticeable but it’s really not. Don’t worry about it. And if you do mess up? Everyone forgets it in 5 minutes. No one honestly cares.

Pretend this isn’t you. You’re a character on stage, what would that character do? Always smile and act friendly. No stiff posture.

Don’t look at the faces for too long. Focus on a point in the back of the room but continue to sweep your eyes across the crowd.

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I plan on taking a public speaking class. I’m prescribed propranolol for restlessness and I will take it for performance anxiety too if needed! If you have time/money use the brain app Elevate…they have stuff on public speaking. That or just use google.

Rehearse. Talk to a camera as well. Talk to it as if it was your audience. This will help. My confidence level has risen so much since i’ve started vlogging because i’m constantly talking to “someone”.

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