Any One Haven't Experienced Hallucinations?

Any One diagnosed with schizophrenia But didn’t Experience Hallucinations before ?? What are your Symptoms ??

İ didn t have hallucinations symptoms but i have false beliefs about my body especially part of my body that can not saw

I’m diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but have never hallucinated.

I have schizoaffective and have experienced no hallucinations. i had delusions that lead to the diagnosis though

but have manageable positive symptoms…
negative and cognitive symptoms are worst night mare for me…
i 'am between sz and sza…i am under exclusive scrutiny…
yet to get final verdict…so far …i am good…:alien:

I’m not diagnosed with schizophrenia but I hallucinate quite frequently o.o

i’m not sure i had hallucinations. but im sure i had delusions.

i was noticing “sounds” so much, so i dont know if they were all real city-sounds or some of them were hallucinations.

i just hallucinate sometimes when about to sleep or after waking up

sleeping halucinations are normal and can happened don t worry about that things

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Ive had Hallucinations before, but I mainly have severe Delusions.

I thought that I deserved respect and peace in my life. I was obviously deluded so they stuck me in the psyche ward until I returned to my old self of being a doormat. That satisfied them so they let me out.
Did I ever hallucinate? Nope.